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February 06 2012
Posted by siosecbeti  [ 16:06 ]
Afternoon's Delight One day Sir Patrick took His girl Ella, his lover, by the hand and led her to a special room.
Ella was his lover.

He was older and played the daddy part girlfriends naked in public well.
Ella was girlfriends naked in public a gorgeous, sweet faced, lithe, long, dark haired, mixed race, firm breasted beauty girlfriends naked in public and a lovely piece of fuckmeat.
Sir girlfriends naked in public Patrick loved his younger girl and Ella loved him a lot too.

girlfriends naked in public

This day was special for two r pie blond anal swallowseasons.
Ella had never been fisted before and she was about to get the experience of a lifetime.

The other reason it was special is that Ella was about to become Sir Patrick's real life lover girlfriends naked in public and this was His gift to her for this special day.
Sir Patrick knew Ella would surrender to him totally and finally as he knew she would have no strength to resist his overtures after he was done with her this afternoon.
She would be taken in fold and girlfriends naked in public truly owned at days end, (Master Patrick had an evil grin.
) As Sir Patrick led his gi
girlfriends naked in public>young suzierl into his special playroom, he commanded her to strip off all her clothes.
Ella knew Sir Patrick girlfriends naked in public meant business when he was harsh and firm like this.
She acted immediately as a good cunt should and started to remove her clothes quickly.
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Sir Patrick moved in close and kissed her on the forehead as she bent over to remove her girlfriends naked in public panties.
His eyes sparkled as he saw the target of his desire.
It glistened in the dim lighting from her wetness exuding from within.

She always got wet immediately when Sir girlfriends naked in public Patrick was girlfriends naked in public this way because she knew something very naughty and sensual was about to happen to her.
She moaned even as she thought about what delicious things Sir Patrick would do to her, not knowing what it was, only knowing it would be magnificent in her exploding desire for it.
Sir Patrick watched as Ella's titties exploded into view.

He smiled and took on an evil grin as he saw her naked body ready to be used and used.
He clenched his fist in anticipation.
Ella looked up at Sir Patrick in wonderment and anticipation of her own desire for Sir Patrick to take her in any way he wanted.
She smiled girlfriends naked in public and said, "Ready girlfriends naked in public Sir Patrick!
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" Patrick took her by the hand and told her that this day was special.
Ella girlfriends naked in public had no idea why and asked, "Why is it special Sir Patrick?
" "You will see soon, My lovely cunt," said Patrick.
He girlfriends naked in public told her to sit down girlfriends naked in public and be still.

Ella did as she was told.
She was very obedient with her Sir Patrick now for a long girlfriends naked in public time.
Patrick went to the closet and took girlfriends naked in public out something black that looked a bit ominous to Ella.
She wondered what it might be but sat patiently, saying nothing.

She girlfriends naked in public forced a smile as she looked into Sir Patrick's eyes.
"What are you thinking, cunt," said Patrick.
Ella said, "Nothing , just wondering what that is.

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" girlfriends naked in public "Nothing you should be concerned about, slut, what you need though," said Patrick.
As Ella watched, Sir Patrick suspended the black thing on cables hanging from the ceiling.
Finally she saw it was a sling, large enough to hold her.
Now she knew she would be lying in this soon and smiled with a sigh of relief.
Patrick saw her smiling girlfriends naked in public and smiled to himself as well.

girlfriends naked in public

Now the sling was in place.
Patrick walked over to Ella and held out his hand looking menacingly at her.
That made Ella uncomfortable but her girlfriends naked in public fears were unfounded and did as she was told.
Sir girlfriends naked in public Patrick had helped her overcome lots girlfriends naked in public of fears in the past and she was sure almost that he would never really hurt her.
He had made overtures to hurt her but had never actually hurt her except in good ways!

She was thankful for that.
Sir Patrick was far stronger than her.
She stood up and followed Sir Patrick to the sling.
girlfriends naked in public

Patrick helped her into it placing her in the center comfortably and placing her lovely legs in the loops at the end girlfriends naked in public of the sling.
This kept her legs spread wide apart for Sir Patrick's exploration.
He tied one arm to the head, end support and left the right girlfriends naked in public arm loose.

Ella expected both to be tied off and wondered when it would happen, but it did not.
"Huh," she thought.
Then Sir Patrick did something she hadn't seen him do before.
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He girlfriends naked in public put a latex glove on his right hand and began covering it with lots of KY jelly.
Now she was really curious.

Patrick walked over to Ella and buried his face between her legs.
He started licking furiously and Ella started to moan immediately.
With his girlfriends naked in public left girlfriends naked in public hand Patrick reached forward and twisted and pinched Ella's nipple some back and forth.
Ella winced, grimaced and made loud moans.
She was very excited now and already cumming some.

Then Sir Patrick stopped suddenly.
He looked at Ella as she looked back at him in amazement.
Patrick smiled that evil grin he always had when he was girlfriends naked in public about to do something new and exciting.

Ella's heart started to pound.
Then Patrick took the gloved hand and girlfriends naked in public inserted one finger into her pussy.
He made

com/articles/6746213/hairpussy-natural>hairpussy natural small circling motions with it and then larger and harder motions.
Ella could feel herself opening up to Sir Patrick's actions.
Then Sir Patrick inserted a second finger and continued his ever circling motions.

Ella could feel herself opening up more and more and her desire for Sir Patrick's entry girlfriends naked in public was overwhelming almost.
She wished for him to enter her with his whole hand now.
What she didn't know was just what was about girlfriends naked in public to happen.
Patrick now added a girlfriends naked in public third finger, then a fourth, continuing to open up Ella's soft, girlfriends naked in public sweet, wet pussy.

Ella girlfriends naked in public was moaning loudly now.
Finally Sir Patrick added his thumb and made a point with his fingers and thumb.
He continued his motions, opening up Ella's cunt more girlfriends naked in public and more.

Now he felt girlfriends naked in public she was ready and thrust hard with his hand girlfriends naked in public into Ella's cunt.
Ella screamed in delight as she swallowed up Sir Patrick's hand totally.
What an girlfriends naked in public awesome feeling she thought.

But this w skinny girl drinksas just the girlfriends naked in public beginning.
Now Sir Patrick's hand was in a fist and making the same circling motions as before.
But now Ella was in heaven and gushing cum like never before.
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Sir Patrick was teasing her girlfriends naked in public clit with one hand and fist fucking her with the other.
She was cumming all over the place and screaming her head off, moaning woefully in between screams.
These were screams and moans of absolute pleasure.
Sir Patrick was girlfriends naked in public happy to make Ella cum a lot.
girlfriends naked in public

He kept fucking her till she girlfriends naked in public finally screamed for him to stop.
Patrick looked up at her and continued his fisting.
Ella finally settled back and just let it happen, screaming and moaning in delight.

Finally she could take no more and screamed again for it to stop.
Patrick stopped this time as he knew she really could take no more.
Twice is the rule of thumb, then a woman is girlfriends naked in public drained completely.
Patrick let Ella rest some before attempting to retrieve his hand.
It was stuck tight.

Now he caressed her girlfriends naked in public breasts as he watched her in sheer heaven.
Now girlfriends naked in public he warned her that he was going to pull out of her and told her to relax as best she could.

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He girlfriends naked in public pushed on her cunt lips surrounding his wrist.
Finally he was able to break the vacuum and remove his hand as he eased out of Ella's now tender pussy.
His hand came out with a popping, sucking like sound and both laughed a bit.
girlfriends naked in public

Now he took off the glove throwing it in the trash.
He came over girlfriends naked in public to Ella's side and asked, "How ya doin' baby?

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" "Mmmmm," said Ella, "so good, girlfriends naked in public mmm!
" Patrick kissed Ella on the lips and she responded to him in a long sigh.
He caressed Ella some more and let her lie there in dreamland.
girlfriends naked in public

Then he went off to draw her bath water, something Ella had always girlfriends naked in public done for Sir Patrick.
She tried to get up, but almost couldn't move.

She was drained completely and fell back into dreamland.
Sir Patrick came and picked her up out of the sling carefully.
Ella could not even help she was so drained.

Sir Patrick put girlfriends naked in public her in the bath and washed her all over, then let her lie there to soak with incense burning and making the bath very sensual.
Patrick readied girlfriends naked in public their bed.
Then he went back after a while, picked Ella out of the water and wrapped her in warm towels.

He carried her to their bed, fed her soup and water with nutrients added to help get her body fluids back in balance.
He dried her off good with finesse and crawled into bed beside her.
He held her tight all night as she slept in blissful peace.
The End fisting All BDSM Stories Discuss MORE BDSM SEX STORIES @ BDSM LIBRARY Who Voted for this Story ancientpoet Moheny mmluvsp Related Links My Oddest Gangbang Charlottes Diaries (Part 28 of 36) Toys in the Drawer Late Night Romance
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Posted by siosecbeti  [ 15:37 ]
Her flight from Mumbai to Bangalore had been cancelled due to a technical problem. This was the night before Diwali weekend. There was no way she would get another flight. pictures stanley tookie williams She tried all the airline counters, and as expected, was told that all flights for 2 days were pictures stanley tookie williams booked. A few quick calls to travel agents brought more bad news.
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All trains and buses pictures stanley tookie williams were booked as well. And pictures stanley tookie williams all car rental companies were overbooked too. Last minute travel on Diwali weekend is impossible. It was 11 in the night. She had to reach Bangalore by the next evening for a crucial meeting. Her job depended on it. Madhu finally tried the last travel agent in her contact book. "Hello, Star Travels, Rashid here. " the voice said.
pictures stanley tookie williams

"Hello. I need to reach Bangalore as soon as possible. pictures stanley tookie williams " Madhu said "Madam, there is no ticket available in anything. pictures stanley tookie williams Why don't you try renting a car? " "I did try to. But even they are sold out. Please, is there no way I can get to Bangalore by tomorrow evening?

" Rashid asked Madhu to stay on the line. She could hear google earth bangladesh some conversation in the background. Finally Rashid said, "Madam, there is one way.

But I don't know if you will want to try it. pictures stanley tookie williams I assure you it is safe but....
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" "Which way? Tell me. Any way will do". Selva was having his dinner in his truck when his cell phone rang. It was his old friend Rashid. "Selva, listen, do you want to make a quick buck? " "Always. " Selva answered, swallowing another spoonful. "There is a woman who absolutely must reach Bangalore by tomorrow.

Her flight got cancelled and she can't find any other tickets. " "Hmmm... Diwali weekend rush? " "Yes. You're leaving pictures stanley tookie williams for Bangalore in a while, right? Give her a ride. She's ready to pay 2000 rupees for the ride.
pictures stanley tookie williams

" "Wow, who can refuse such a deal? This woman..... Is she pretty? " Selva asked.

pictures stanley tookie williams "Haha, I don't know. Just spoke to her on the phone. But Selva you dog, don't try anything pictures stanley tookie williams funny. You were lucky to escape in that Gujrati woman's situation. Midnight. Madhu was inside the cabin of the truck. She pictures stanley tookie williams was sitting pictures stanley tookie williams near the window. Selva was driving.
pictures stanley tookie williams

Between the two was the truck's second driver Saleem. The truck was on its way out of Bombay city pictures stanley tookie williams limits. Madhu had handed over half the money and kept her luggage in the back of the truck. The truck belonged to a mover and packer company and its cargo consisted of mainly furniture and other household items. There was some small talk with the two drivers. Madhu told them she needed to get to Bangalore. Selva assured her they would reach by evening. An hour later the truck stopped at a roadside shack for some refreshments.

And that's pictures stanley tookie williams when the story really begins. "Why are we stopping here, Saleem? " Madhu asked the co-driver sitting next to her. "Some tea. We need to have tea every couple of hours to drive at night. Or else sleep can take pictures stanley tookie williams over. " Selva answered. Saleem pictures stanley tookie williams didn't say anything. He hadn't said much pictures stanley tookie williams since pictures stanley tookie williams Madhu got into pictures stanley tookie williams the truck.

He had seen how pretty she was and instantly developed a crush on her. Madhu was 28 years old, slim and shapely with shoulder length black hair. She was pictures stanley took sexy teengerie williams dressed in a knee length skirt, a full sleeve blouse and a scarf. Madhu had thought about changing into something a bit less revealing.

What she was wearing would not be considered revealing in most cities. But for truck drivers, she was sure that a sight of her milky white shins and a hint of her cleavage would be arousing. She took a scarf out of her bag to cover up her chest, pictures stanley tookie williams and wore knee length socks pictures stanley tookie williams to cover her legs. However, covering her chest with a scarf had an opposite effect on Saleem. He kept wondering what pictures stanley tookie williams lay beneath the scarf. However he had been eyeing Madhu only furtively, pictures stanley tookie williams from the corner of his eye. He was too shy.
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Madhu noticed that this guy, whom she had guessed correctly to be 20 years old, seemed to pictures stanley tookie williams have somewhat of a crush on her. But he seemed like a very nice guy, so she didn't feel threatened. Even Selva seemed like a very decent chap and she was pictures stanley tookie williams glad she had found this truck to take her to Bangalore. "Do you want something? pictures stanley tookie williams We'll get it for you. There are a lot of rough looking truckers around, so it'll be better if you stay in here. " Selva asked. Madhu peered out of the window.

The shack was surrounded by some burly looking truckers who seemed to be looking at her intently. Selva was right. She'd better stay in the car. "Get me pictures stanley tookie williams a Pepsi, please. " Madhu smiled. Selva and Saleem got down from the driver-side door and went to the shack. At the shack, Selva reached into his shirt pocket and took out a small paper pouch, "Look at this, Saleem. This is your ticket to pictures stanley tookie williams paradise. " he said. "What do pictures stanley tookie williams you mean?

Saleem asked. "This is a little something I bought from a chemist friend of mine as a lark. He says it is a very powerful female aphrodisiac. " "What's an aphrodisiac? " Saleem asked, wide-eyed. "It is something which makes a person very horny. The guy who sold this to me claimed that this particular one is so potent, that one of the women who tried this fucked 20 guys in a night before she stopped feeling horny.
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" Selva winked. "No way. You're just pulling my leg pictures stanley tookie williams because you saw me admiring Madhu Madam's beauty. " "I am pictures stanley tookie williams serious. You don't have to believe me right now. " Selva said as he pictures stanley tookie williams opened the pouch and poured the pictures stanley tookie williams white powder into a glass of Pepsi, "You'll find out in a while. This is how it works.

The woman who takes this feels pictures stanley tookie williams very sleepy first. She sleeps for an hour or so. And then if she is woken up, she is so horny that she'll fuck anything pictures stanley tookie williams in sight. " "I still pictures stanley tookie williams think you're just making this up. pictures stanley tookie williams " "You'll see" Selva said. pictures stanley tookie williams He finished his cup of tea, and walked back to the truck with the glass of Pepsi.

"Here you go Madam. " Selva pictures stanley tookie williams handed Madhu the Pepsi. pictures stanley tookie williams "Thanks" Madhu took the glass. Saleem came and sat next pictures stanley tookie williams to her. pictures stanley tookie williams Madhu noticed that he was now making hesitant eye contact. She smiled at him. He gave her a feeble smile in return.
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Nice guy, she thought to herself. And quite good looking too. Lean and fit. This is the kind of guy I would go for if he was not a truck driver, she thought. In about 5 minutes, she started feeling very sleepy. Selva noticed her rubbing her eyes and said, "Madam, if you want you can go to the back and sleep. There's a bed in amongst pictures stanley tookie williams all pictures stanley tookie williams the pictures stanley tookie williams furniture. Just put a blanket on it and sleep. " pictures stanley tookie williams "Yes, maybe I should.
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I am feeling really sleepy. It's been a tiring day. " Selva stopped the truck on the edge of the road. "Go help her get in the back. " Selva commanded Saleem. Saleem and Madhu got down. Saleem went and removed the tarpaulin covering the truck's back. There was a ladder that ran along the tailgate.
pictures stanley tookie williams

He helped Madhu get on top of it and into the back of the truck. "The bed is in that corner. And the blankets are over there. You can sleep for as long as you want", were the first pictures stanley tookie williams words Saleem said to Madhu. "Thank you. " Madhu said. She hurriedly arranged the blankets on the bed and crashed on it.
pictures stanley tookie williams

pictures stanley tookie williams Saleem returned to the driver's cabin. "Is she asleep? " Selva asked. "Yes. " Saleem replied. "Good. Now just be patient for an hour until the aphrodisiac kicks in. " "I still think you're full of shit. OK, so she fell asleep at once.

Maybe it is just a sleep medicine. " "Be a sceptic. In an hour you'll be thanking me. " That seemed like the longest hour in Saleem's life. pictures stanley tookie williams Every time he looked at his watch, Selva would laugh. The minutes ticked by very slowly, and finally it was an hour s free young amature sex moviesince Madhu had gone in the back.

Selva was looking at Saleem with a smug look on his face. He said, "Go on. pictures stanley tookie williams Say it. Say it. " "It's been an hour. Now let's see if you were serious or bullshitting. " Saleem said. Selva slowed down the truck pictures stanley tookie williams until pictures stanley tookie williams her saw an empty lot next to the road. He pulled the truck into that lot and hit the brakes. Both of them got down and walked towards the tailgate.

"Now if the drug is working, which it definitely is, she must be having some pretty erotic dreams. She'll be absolutely turned on. And whatever we try to do to her, pictures stanley tookie williams she'll welcome us. Go on, you climb in first. " Saleem pictures stanley tookie williams climbed in and saw something very surprising. Madhu was sleeping with an arm between her legs. He could see the arm pictures stanley tookie williams slowly moving pictures stanley tookie williams up and down, rubbing her crotch. Her eyes were closed, but she was clearly sweating, even on a cold night like this.
pictures stanley tookie williams

Selva had climbed pictures stanley tookie williams in by then. "Ah, you see. Sex dreams. Now, do you want to do the honors? " "What do you mean? " Saleem asked. "What pictures stanley tookie williams do you think I mean? Want pictures stanley tookie williams to have the first go at her?

" "Ummm.... " "Oh forget it. You're such a wuss. I guess i'll have to get this party started. " Selva went to the bed. He bent down and gently kissed Madhu. She kissed back.

Then his left hand reached her crotch. It gradually removed pictures stanley tookie williams her arm from between her legs. Instead Selva's left hand started rubbing her pussy. "mmmmmmmmmmm" Madhu moaned and opened her eyes. She was pictures stanley tookie williams breathing hard. Selva broke the kiss. "Selva..
pictures stanley tookie williams

.. " she said, as he put a finger on her lip. "Shhhhh.... I understand. I am lonely too.
pictures stanley tookie williams

" He said and he got up. He caught hold pictures stanley tookie williams of both her ankles in each pictures stanley tookie williams hand and pulled her towards him until her ass was on the edge of the bed. Saleem watched in rapt attention as he lifted the edge of her skirt until it was above her waist, exposing her black panties. Selva bent down and kissed her pictures stanley tookie williams mound through the fabric. Then he said to her, "Take off your panties. " Madhu obediently reached for her waist and slipped her panties off until her raised knees. Her pictures stanley tookie williams shaved cunt was visible to both Selva and Saleem. As she saw both men staring at her cunt, the first conscious pictures stanley tookie williams thoughts started forming in her mind, a mind that was on autopilot until pictures stanley tookie williams now - "What is this?

Why am I half-naked with these two guys? Is this a dream? Am I... " Right then Selva's hard tongue touched her clit and all thoughts were washed away. A wave of pleasure filled her entire body as she started writhing. "Oooohhh..
pictures stanley tookie williams

. Yess.... " Saleem watched Selva tongue Madhu's cunt for a pictures stanley tookie williams few minutes. Then he moved towards them and sat on the right of Madhu. He rubbed his cock, which had gotten rock hard by indian jayde in free video pictures stanley tookie williams now.

He then removed pictures stanley tookie williams her scarf, revealing her cleavage. He bent down and licked the cleavage. That's pictures stanley tookie williams when Madhu noticed him and the bulge in his pants. Her right hand reached for his zipper and freed his circumcised dick. At the same time, Selva got up, and pulled Madhu's blouse up until it was bunched up pictures stanley tookie williams under her arms. The next few minutes saw the threesome connecting to each other.
pictures stanley tookie williams

Saleem pulled Madhu's bra off, revealing her luscious breasts, which he mauled and assaulted with his hands and teeth. Madhu, fascinated by Saleem's erect cock, started sucking on it. And then Selva caught hold of Madhu's thighs, knelt in front of her and entered her in one pictures stanley tookie williams rapid thrust. "Ummmmmmmmmmggggggg....
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unh.. unh.. " Madhu's moans were muffled by Saleem's dick. Selva started varying his speed, slowing down the tempo and then going at it rapidly. Madhu's pussy was sore by this pounding but she pictures stanley tookie williams was enjoying every moment of it. Her tender breasts were pictures stanley tookie williams sore too, as Selva and Saleem's massive hands kept crushing them.

Some time later Madhu started pictures stanley tookie williams having small warm shivers and Selva recognized the signs of an impending orgasm. pictures stanley tookie williams To help her along, he slipped his right hand from her thigh to under her ass and fingered her anus. Madhu noticed this and looked into pictures stanley tookie williams Selva's eyes. She gave a small nod, as if giving her pictures stanley tookie williams permission and Selva inserted his finger into her asshole even as his fucking reached the highest tempo yet. Madhu took Saleem's dick out pictures stanley tookie williams of her mouth, held it in her right hand, and let out a loud moan-yell as she climaxed. The sight of her shuddering and thrashing around pushed Selva over the edge too and he shot his jism into her during her orgasm. Both of them were breathing heavily. Madhu forgot all about Saleem for pictures stanley tookie williams a while as she pulled Selva towards her and gave him a long passionate kiss. Selva broke the kiss after a while and stood up.

Saleem finally lost patience. He pulled Madhu up by her hand and made her stand near the bed. He then said to her, pictures stanley tookie williams "Take off all your clothes, bitch. I want you pictures stanley tookie williams completely naked. " Madhu unclipped her skirt and it fell at her feet. She then pulled her bunched up blouse over her head, and stood there completely naked. She had another moment of coherence as she realized she was standing pictures stanley tookie williams naked with two truck drivers.
pictures stanley tookie williams

One of them had just shot pictures stanley tookie williams his semen into her. And the other one was clearly pictures stanley tookie williams intent on doing the same. pictures stanley tookie williams She knew she didn't want it. Yet she couldn't resist it as Saleem made her get on all fours. She could not help being aroused and longing for another orgasm as the young man started fucking her doggy style. Selva pictures stanley tookie williams sat on the floor and looked at them fucking. He knew that this night had just begun. The aphrodisiac did enhance sexual desires but it worked this well only if the woman herself was extremely horny and easy.
pictures stanley tookie williams

They had clearly woken up a tigress. And this tigress would keep them up all night. Maybe it was time to get reinforcements, Selva thought to himself.
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Posted by siosecbeti  [ 15:37 ]
Disclaimer All characters in this story are fictional.

Any resemblance to actual people, circumstances or another persons story, are purely coincidental.
It spicesex india was spicesex india another boring night in the nursing home.
Infact, Arthur had not had an eventful time since his daughter had placed him there.

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He was angry because he was finding it difficult to make friends.
He had no similar interests with anyone here.
Even his room-mate Nigel, who was 77yrs old.
The women were not interested in sex.

Even at the ripe old age spicesex india of 69, Arthur was not at all impotent.
He spicesex india had awoken many nights with a hard, throbbing cock.
Occasionally, he had sneaked into the womens sleeping quarters.
Once, spicesex india he had placed his throbbing member into the mouth of a sleeping Grandmother.

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As he began thrusting in and out of her mouth, the poor old Granny had awoken, and screamed, alerting the staff of the nursing home.
He had always covered his tracks by pleading insanity, on the grounds he had dementia, which he really didn't have.
A spicesex india few days ago, a new care assistant, Sue, had started working at the home.
She was about 21yrs old, 5' 3" tall, nice slim legs, long blonde hair, and a big bust.
The sort of girl that could give a eunich a hard on.

Arthur had been aroused by her the night she gave him his medication.
As she leaned over him, her breasts so close to his face, Arthur had become aroused.
His big bulge quite obvious beneath the sheets.

The young lady looked at spicesex india Arthur's bulge, then turned to spicesex india his face and smiled.
Arthur may have been old, but he knew the signs of lust.
And this girl wanted to be fucked.
He just knew it.

One morning, as spicesex india both Arthur and Nigel awoke, Arthur decided to spicesex india have a conversation with Nigel.
"Listen" said Arthur, "One night soon, I'm gonna fuck the ass off that young, hot assistant.
And it's going to have to be in this room, so either you fall asleep quickly, or you see eveything.

Either way, just keep your fucking mouth shut!!
" "Hey" said Nigel, "You think I give a shit?.
I've seen the look on that sluts face.
spicesex india

She's just itching to spicesex india be fucked, I just wish I could do it myself.
I am however impotent, but hell, I want to see her in action!!

" "So, what are you saying?
" asked Arthur.
"Well" replied Nigel, "You grab her, and I will grab spicesex india her, and we will have some fun!!
spicesex india

" "Excellent" replied spicesex india Arthur, "But remember, if the shit hits the fan, we don't know anything.
We both have dementia, ok?
" The next morning seemed to last an eternity.

The day went so slowly.
Arthur and Nigel smiled at each other, spicesex india knowing that this night would be fun for the both of them.
Arthur became erect at the thought of the forthcoming events.
At 19.

00hrs, the gorgeous assistant started work as usual.
All the residents of the care home were sent to bed.
All that remained was for the assistants to administer the evening medication, then the rest of the shift would be easy.

For some reason, Arthur and Nigel were the last people to be spicesex india administered their medication.
As usual Sue entered Arthur and Nigel's room.
Approaching Arthur, she smiled and leaned over him as usual, her breasts in his face.
Looking down at his crotch, she saw the bulge that always greeted her, and she looked him in the eyes and smiled.
Instead of opening his mouth to receive the medication, Arthur just looked at her.

Without warning, a sudden jolt from behind had her face down on Arthur's bed.
Nigel had jumped her from behind, and he was holding her down, and had placed his hand across her mouth.
Without hesitation, Arthur spicesex india scrambled out of the be d.
Arthur ordered Nigel to turn her over, so she was on her back.
Once in this position, Arthur ripped eagerly at her top.
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Tearing spicesex india it open, Arthur could see her breasts cupped in the constraints spicesex india of her bra.
Arthur tugged at her bra, releasing her big, pendulous tits from spicesex india their prison.
Once free, Arthur had an overwhelming urge to suck them, his mouth and tongue went to work, soon her nipples had grown hard, and he looked her in the eye.
She was not in fear.
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She was watching him, waiting for him to make his next move.
She was grinning seductively, urging him on with her smile.
Arthur could barely contain himself.

Even Nigel came in on the act.
Grabbing at her big tits, poking his tongue in her mouth, to which she responded.
He kissed the young woman with intense passion.
Taking his tongue out spicesex india of her mouth, he moved down to her big tits..
Taking one in his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on her nipple, drawing it out, while Arthur sucked on her other breast.

Oh, how he loved spicesex india the feel of young tit in his mouth.
Arthur stripped of his PJ bottoms, revealing a long and hard cock.
Sue looked at it, and licked her lips.

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An obvious invite to put his cock in her spicesex india mouth?
Arthur climbed onto the bed, got astride her head.
Her mouth opened, hungry for his big cock.
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Sue seemed desperate to get th maroc hchouma sexat shaft in her mouth.
Once in, Sue sucked as though her life depended on it.
Arthur had to think unsexy thoughts to stop himself from cumming.
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Nigel released his grip on her, and clambered down the bed.
Pulling up her skirt and opening her thighs, Nigel pulled aside her panties, revealing her slit.
Spreading the folds of her flesh with his fingers, Nigel found her clitoris, and began to tongue it.

Sue loved the feeling of this old mans tongue on her clit.
It was heaven.
She could feel the signs of an orgasm approaching.

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She came, releasing a quantity of fluid into the old spicesex india mans mouth.
Nigel was exstatic.
He wanted more of her juices, so he continued to lick her, his tongue entering the young womans hole.
Sue spicesex india carried on sucking Arthur.
He was pumping her mouth now.

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His hands wandered over her young tits, tweaked her big hard spicesex india nipples.
This sent Sue wild, her sucking became more intense.
She took the shaft out of her mouth, and ran her tongue all over the head of his cock.
A small amount of precum emerged from his dick, and Sue eagerly licked it up, spicesex india relishing the taste of his old cum.
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Sue ordered Arthur to sit on her belly.
Arthur obeyed.
Once in position, Sue spicesex india grabbed his cock, and placed it between her big tits.
Wrapping her glorious boobs around his shaft, she furiously started to tit fuck him.
Arthur really spicesex india enjoyed this.

He grabbed her tits, and started pumping his shaft between them.
As the head of his cock got nearer to her mouth, Sue stuck out her tongue, so his head would rub over it, and occasion american bukkakealy she managed to get the head inside her mouth.
This bitch was one dirty slut, he thought.
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Meanwhile, Nigel continued to tongue her.
Her cunt was really wet now, he couldn't believe how juicy she was.
He manouvered his spicesex india tongue from her open hole, to her clitoris.
Lapping up all of her womanly honey.
Her legs started to shudder, spicesex india Nigel knew she was cumming again.

He placed his mouth over her hole, intent on catching all the cum that would flow out.
With one spicesex india final gasp from Sue, her whole body shuddered, and her juice was released.
Nigel could feel it in his mouth, spicesex india and eagerly swallowed it down.
Arthur was still enjoying tit fucking this slut.

Releasing his cock from between her tits, Arthur kneeled forward, and pointed his weapon at her mouth.
Sue took it in and began to suck.
Arthur could now feel the familiar signs of an orgasm approaching..
He needed to cum.
But where?

Should he ejaculate in her mouth, or should he come all over these big, glorious tits?
Time was running out.
Sue would be needed to be seen by the other assistants soon, or they would come looking for her.

Nigel had emerged from her thighs now, covered in sticky traces of love juice.
It was time for Art

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Seeing Sue's mouth bobbing up and down his penis was now too much for him.
Feeling he was about spicesex india to cum, Arthur relesed his cock from her mouth, aimed at her tits, and shot his load all over them..
Long hot streams of cum blasted her tits.
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It dribbled spicesex india down them, and covered her nipples.
Sue moaned excitedley.
Her hands proceeded to rub the spicesex india cum into her big breasts.
Arthur spicesex india watched, and this excited him more, and a second stream of hot cum erupted spicesex india from his cock, which landed over her lips and chin.

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Her tongue came out and lapped the spicesex india love juice up.
Arthurs cock was now spent, and he clambered off her.
Sue calmly got off the bed, wiped herself down with a towel, smiled at the gentlemen, adjusted her uniform, and walked away.
She had enjoyed herself!
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Dirty bitch!!
Arthur and Nigel looked at spicesex india each other spicesex india and exchanged smiles.
They both knew that the fun had only just begun.

This slut was a real whore, and Arthur knew he would be fucking her again, sometime real soon.
Perhaps being in a nursing home wasn't so bad after all.
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spicesex india

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I free naked women over 40 sat right behind her in English free naked women over 40 class. On the very first day, I just happened to have a need for a pencil and asked her if I could borrow one. That question became a conversation, and soon enough we were talking constantly. I got to free naked women over 40 know her and she me. We very quickly became good friends and I started calling her Roxy, because she liked free naked women over 40 it better than Roxanne. At the time I didn t know this but, she would become my best friend.
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The time flew by that year. As we entered free naked women over 40 our sophomore year, I joined the wrestling team and she joined the dance club. We didn t get to see free naked women over 40 each other as often as we liked, but we made pacts to see every one of the other s performances. free naked women over 40 One of my matches that she came free naked women over 40 to, I quickly set my opponent up to get hit with a fireman s carry and pinned him in fifteen seconds. After the match was over, she ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me in free naked women over 40 a warm hiug. She also gave me a peck on the cheek. When she did that I felt like I was flying through the sky at lightning speed. It was the free naked women over 40 first time I realized I had feelings deeper than friendship for Roxanne. The year again, went by quickly and before I knew what happened, junior year was starting. I had spent free naked women over 40 almost the entire summer with Roxy, and after that I was ready to ask her to be my girlfriend.
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But on the first day back, she walks up to me and introduces me to a guy named Shane (as I affectionately refer to him as The Douche) .. her free naked women over 40 new boyfriend. I was heartbroken, to say the least. I felt that the dreams I had about her, us being together would never come true. But, I knew that what we had couldn t just die like that, so I made sure nothing changed between us.

We stayed close as ever. As we got into junior year, I could tell when things were rocky between Roxy and The Douche. She would always be extra moody free naked women over 40 and especially quiet. We free naked women over 40 went through an entire year of up and downs. Summer came and Roxy seemed to cheer up, even though she was still with The Douche. But, I managed to look past that.

Senior free naked women over 40 year came out of the blue and I was back to regular ole classes. After being sexually assaulted by a nymphomaniac cheerleader and having to fight off her family of crazy redneck cousins, the last day was free naked women over 40 here. The last day of high school** *I woke up to the sound of Disturbed s Haunted free naked women over 40 playing. Shit, I thought to myself, I gotta get up and get to school. I hopped out of bed hitting off on my Ipod alarm. I walked in to free naked women over 40 bathroom, looked into the mirror and reminisced about how I went from a scrawny 5 1, 103 lbs little kid to a muscular free naked women over 40 6 1, 165 lbs free naked women over 40 state wrestler. Damn, three years of wrestling has really paid off , I said to myself. WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? my mom screamed from downstairs.
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Nobody, free naked women over 40 relax! I yelled back. Well if you don t stop talking to yourself, you re gonna be late! she yelled back free naked women over 40 again. I looked back at my clock and it showed 7 50. Shit she s right I said under my breath. I hopped in the shower, got dressed and ran downstairs.
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As I was racing free naked women over 40 to the door my mom free naked women over 40 s asked, Don t you need a backpack or free naked women over 40 something? Yea free naked women over 40 right. Like I gonna do anything work-related on the last day of school? free naked women over 40 was my replied as I booked it out the front door. Hey, remember I m going to Detroit today so you re on your own for the next week. Yes. I got to my Acura and peeled out of the driveway and started on the way to school. As I pulled into the school free naked women over 40 parking lot, the bell rang.

GOT DAMN IT! I said to nobody in free naked women over 40 particular. As I ran to my free naked women over 40 home period, I thought to myself, It s free naked women over 40 official, I ve been late every day free naked women over 40 of school this year. Guess I lost that bet. I rounded the corner, and entered my classroom.
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The sounds of an unorderly free naked women over 40 class free naked women over 40 full of anxious seniors hit me full blast. It was so loud I free naked women over 40 could think straight. I had a very nonchalant home room teacher, so she didn t free naked women over 40 care as I walked in late and free naked women over 40 sat at my desk. Psssssh, turn around , somebody whispered in my ear from behind me. I whipped my head around to see who I was going to backhand, and there she was, Roxanne, free naked women over 40 just sitting their gleaming. Gotcha didn t I? she said with such an infectious that I free naked women over 40 had to chuckle too. What are you doing here I asked, This free naked women over 40 isn t your homeroom. Well, I decided to hang out in here with you today, I m sure free naked women over 40 Mr.

Ekersely won t miss me. I really didn t care why she was here, I was just glad she was. As I free naked women over 40 looked at her I was reminded of when I first meet her. free naked women over 40 Beautiful, outgoing, yet, still very opinionated and extremely smart. She had really grown into her body as well. Cup size at the very least, a very high C, toned abs and legs from all the dancing, and a butt that was firm and tight.

And to top it all off, that smooth Aztec free naked women over 40 bronze free naked women over 40 colored skin to hold it all together. I wanted free naked women over 40 so much to tell her how I felt, right then and there, how I ve felt about her for the last two years but, something in me just could bring myself to say anything. I think she could tell something was up, but she didn t press. free naked women over 40 So we chatted about trivial stuff, teacher who sucked, friends we would miss, friends we wouldn t. As we talked, she seemed very . chipper. It wasn t the strangest thing in the world, just a bit unusual. She was kind free naked women over 40 of going on a bit like those ditzy stereotypical blondes, and she only does that when she is nervous. Hey, you okay?

I asked, breaking here tirade on how badly the cafeteria food was. Huh, yea I m fine. She replied, but she avoided eye contact. Who you trying to fool, huh? Did you forget I know you like the rules of a wrestling match? I said with a slightly joking tone.

You re right something is up that I want to talk to you about, but not here and not now. she said. And as if on cue, the bell free naked women over 40 rang. She free naked women over 40 jumped up quickly free naked women over 40 and made a beeline for the door. Wait a minute, I .. I started to say, but she just looked back at me and said, In good time, my eager compadre. And then she was gone.
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Thinking to myself, We ll she did say she free naked women over 40 d tell me, just not now , I walked out the class to head to my next free naked women over 40 class. ** *Beach sure is nice today. Wait, wasn t I at school? Oh free naked women over 40 well, it s such a nice day out. Oh look there s Roxy. I run towards her. The moment is right, I have to tell her now, or I may not get another chance. Roxanne, look I have something I ve wanted to tell you for so long.

It s just been eating me up inside, and I can t hold on to it any longer. free naked women over 40 Roxy, I free naked women over 40 . Wait a minute. Before you tell me your secret I want you to wake up. Do you hear me Malik?
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Malik, wake UP! Huh, what s going on? I almost shouted with a start. Damn it, it was only a dream I thought in my head bitterly. Well, now that you re awake, Mr. King, can I continue?
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said Mr. Thompson, the biggest pain in my ass free naked women over 40 since freshman year. Whateves was my lazy ass reply. Mr. Thompson started again. Now, just because free naked women over 40 you are graduating does not mean free naked women over 40 that you are done with school.
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You college is just three months away. Instead of partying this summer free naked women over 40 and free naked women over 40 destroying your brain and liver with alcohol, you should spend it study up on college curriculum that you will have in the fall. I also wish to say the rest of his lecture was lost on me because my pants started to vibrate. I pulled free naked women over 40 out my free naked women over 40 phone and saw free naked women over 40 that I had a new text from Roxanne. It read Still want to know what free naked women over 40 s up?.

I quickly and very sneakily, I might add, replied back Of course I do. And lightning quick, she re-texted Meet me at the big oak tree in the quad after this class. My heart began to race. I tried to anticipate what she could want to talk to me about, but I just didn t have a clue. The rest of the class was kind of hazy, free naked women over 40 and before I realized the time had past, the bell rang. I free naked women over 40 stood up, and left the class set on finding out the mystery that was plaguing me. ** *I got to the quad area kinda fast.

I got to the baby hill where the tree was and free naked women over 40 I could clearly see Roxy there. But someone else was free naked women over 40 there too. I could make it out till I got a little closer. Ugh .. this muthafucka . It was The Douche, Roxanne boyfriend.
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Biggest douche free naked women over 40 bag in the world. And it doesn t help that I beat him for the varsity spot for the 170lbs weight class. I came up from behind them, so they hadn t seen me yet, but I could start to hear free naked women over 40 what they were saying. Listen, how you gonna try to play me? You don t know how bad you re fucking up came out of his mouth and Roxanne replied with, Look I ve made up my mind and you can t change it. Just get lost.
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The Douche took a step back looking shocked, then raised his hand and slapped Roxanne. Bitch is all he got free naked women over 40 out. I don t know how I covered the distance so fast, but all of a sudden I was in his face and connected with a strong right. He staggered and fell back two steps and I came in with a left hook to the temple, grabbed the back of free naked women over 40 his neck and pulled him into a right knee, followed by an upper cut. He hit the ground bleeding, but now I couldn t control myself.

I mounted him and just let go a flurry of punches to him. Left, Right, Left, Left, free naked women over 40 Left .. the world around me was a blur and I could vaguely hear Roxanne say something. It sound free naked women over 40 like, Look out . Then I got hit by a fucking tank.

The schools on site cop, Officer Poe. The fattest man in the history of the fucking police department. He s slow free naked women over 40 as hell, but his full free naked women over 40 450 lbs hit me unaware, so I was pretty much stuck. I never realized how much I loved breathing until I couldn t anymore. Poe s fat ass was crushing the air right out of me, it was so bad, I didn t even try to struggle. I was free naked women over 40 too busy trying to conserve air. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, he handcuffed me and stood up. I breathed a sigh of relief that his enormous ass was finally off my back. He stood me up and with a very smug tone said, Even on the last day, you free naked women over 40 punks can t give it a rest. C mon, you re going to the station.

I couldn t give two shits on where he was taking me. The only thing on my mind was where Roxy was, and free naked women over 40 was she free naked women over 40 alright. I tried to look around for her but the super blob kept pushing me forward. We got down to his patrol free naked women over 40 car and he basically free naked women over 40 kicked free naked women over 40 me into the backseat. Bitch. He got in the front and we on our way to the station. ** *They uncuffed me and threw me free naked women over 40 in this large cell with about four other dudes in there. Have fun , they booking officer said as he closed the cell door. I replied with a very witty, Fuck you, dick buffer . Okay, so maybe it wasn t witty, but it was the best I had at the moment.

I turned around and took a better look at the dudes free naked women over 40 I was free naked women over 40 locked up with. The one taking a piss free naked women over 40 looked homeless and I could smell the booze on him from where I stood. The other three where all dressed in Dickies pants or shorts and where wearing free naked women over 40 red flannels, red Chuck Taylors, and red bandannas on the head and one around the ankle. Damn, these fools is gonna be free naked women over 40 trouble , I thought as I took a seat on the bench on the free naked women over 40 far right of the cell. As I sat, I started to think about Roxanne. Was she alright? Did someone take care of that douche that hit her?

I was lost in my thoughts until a voice across the room brought free naked women over 40 me back. Ey fool, I like dem shoes. I turned to look and damnit it was free naked women over 40 one of the dudes in red. Shit, free naked women over 40 just what I needed another fight. I just ignored him at first, and then another one of them said, My boy is talking to you.
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I tried my best to continue ignoring them, but in my mind I knew that this wasn t going to end well. Oh, so you re going to just ignore us fool? All three of those cats stood up and started walking towards me. Shit, I really don t want to fight right now, I thought to free naked women over 40 myself, but I ll be damned free naked women over 40 if I let these fools catch me sitting free naked women over 40 down. So, I jumped up and free naked women over 40 just launched myself at the nearest one, hoping to catch him off guard. It worked, he was expecting it, and I snaked him, he caught it right in the jaw. He went down quick, but the other two recovered from the surprise way quicker than I expected.

I felt one shot to the back of my head that almost dropped me. I saw a flash of white, but no free naked women over 40 pain, but it soon followed. I tried to turn around and swung free naked women over 40 twice, connecting both times. I thin k I hit one of them in the face and the other in the stomach. I tried to separate them, but that first blow to the head left me free naked women over 40 hella dazed and they overpowered me. The blows from both sides started to rain down. One of the dudes got behind me and held free naked women over 40 my arms behind my back and free naked women over 40 the one I knocked out first had finally free naked women over 40 got back up and held me legs. Then the last one started throwing heavy blows to my stomach and a couple to the face. Just when I was on the verge of passing out, the cell door opened and four cops ran in and bum free naked women over 40 rushed the three guys and the bangers quickly stopped struggling. The odd man out cop, helped steady me and free naked women over 40 said, You ve made bail.
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C mon let s get you signed out. We walked back to the main room expecting my parents to be free naked women over 40 there and ready to bitch me out, but I heard a high voice, Oh my free naked women over 40 god, what happened? that didn t match my mom s voice. It was Roxanne standing there, with a look of shock and horror on her face. The only thing running through my mind free naked women over 40 was, what is she doing her? Get her free naked women over 40 out, I don t want her seeing me like this. Can you help me get him to the car, please?
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asked Roxanne to the cop. We got out of the station and I got put in the front seat. I free naked women over 40 saw Roxanne run around the car and get free naked women over 40 in the driver s seat. Don t worry Malik I m going to take care of you. Then I passed out. * I woke up in a dark room and my body on fire, but nothing that was going to keep me down. I stood up and soon realized I was in Roxanne s room. Where is she at?
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I wondered. But, free naked women over 40 before I went to find her, I free naked women over 40 walked into her free naked women over 40 bathroom and checked myself in the bathroom mirror. I now realized I wasn t wearing a shirt, just my free naked women over 40 jeans and I could see free naked women over 40 some pretty nasty looking bruises on my torso. My face wasn t as free naked women over 40 bad as I though. A baby shiner, and cut up lip. For getting jumped in holding, I didn t look too bad. Then I heard, Malik? I replied, Roxanne, I free naked women over 40 m in here. She walked in and I swear that she somehow got more beautiful.

What free naked women over 40 are you doing walking around? You heard the doctor he said no walking around for a free naked women over 40 while. Confused, I replied, What are you talking about? When did I see a doctor? Yesterday, remember? I called this doctor who still does house calls.

I think I said before that I was confused. Wait, so what day is it then? free naked women over 40 Roxanne replied, Its Sunday about 6 30. C mon on let s get you back into the bed. She helped me limp back into her room and sat me on her bed and free naked women over 40 she opened the blinds a little showing the free naked women over 40 view free naked women over 40 of the sun just beginning to free naked women over 40 set. She sat down next to me and looked my face over. I then remember how all this started. I gently grabbed her chin and turned her head so I could see her face better. Forget about me, are you okay? I asked.
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I could see a bit of a welt where that bitch muthafucka slapped her. She grabbed my hand and said with a bit of a chuckle, You get jumped by a gang and ask me if I m all right. Yes, I m fine. But, now that the subject was up I needed to know more. Why the hell was he so angry anyway, other than the fact that he s a super bitch? She replied, He didn t like free naked women over 40 what I free naked women over 40 had to tell him. And you know how he takes that kinda of thing. And very smugly, free naked women over 40 I replied, Well, he got his, free naked women over 40 stupid little fuck. I noticed how seriously Roxanne was looking at me. Before I could ask her free naked women over 40 what was up, she said, When you came around there were two things that I wanted to do.

One was slap the hell out of you for being so stupid and getting jumped in that station and scaring me like that , and as she said it free naked women over 40 a single tear ran down her cheek and made me feel worse than free naked women over 40 shit. But, she wiped the tear away and free naked women over 40 continued, And so I figured I can still do the other thing. And she leaned in and kissed me. Full, luscious, lips on mine. I was in complete bliss.
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This must be heaven. Damn, that must mean that I m dead. No, I don t think free naked women over 40 that even heaven could produce feelings like these. free naked women over 40 And then I knew. I knew what she wanted to tell me. What was driving me crazy, and why this whole mess started in the first place. She left Shane for me. She felt the same way about me that I felt about her.
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And by extension, she must know how I feel about her. free naked women over 40 She knows about the nights where she was the last thing on free naked women over 40 my mind when I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. All of our feelings, intimate and open, where all exchange in free naked women over 40 that passionate kiss we shared in the light of the sunset. We both pulled back at the same time, realizing what free naked women over 40 had transpired. And, so I said, the only thing that could be said to this woman, who over the years, I had befriended and fallen for.

My hand reached for hers and held it ever free naked women over 40 so gently yet firmly as I said, I free naked women over 40 love you. When I imagined me finally saying those words to her, I thought free naked women over 40 a huge weight would still be on me because I d have to hope her reply was the same. But, it wasn t a worry to me now. I already knew her reply, but it didn t take my breath away any less free naked women over 40 when another tear rolled down her cheek and she said, I love you too. I was actually afraid that my heart would burst from all the emotion. I put my hand on her face, caressing her soft and smooth cheek and wiped her tear away free naked women over 40 with my thumb.
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She placed free naked women over 40 her hand on top mine, just that simple touch blew me away. So much love in a simple touch .. was beyond unreal. I knew that it was with her, that I was prepared to spend the rest of my breathing days on this earth with. Our eyes met and a smile crosses her free naked women over 40 face that simply took my free naked women over 40 breath away. As free naked women over 40 the sunset hit its peak, the light from the sky shone on her face and free naked women over 40 made her look ethereal. Her crimson hair shone and her emerald green eyes sparkled with the intensity of ten suns. I felt like I could have sat there forever and just free naked women over 40 gazed upon her beauty. The pain that my physical free naked women over 40 self had been experienced, was free naked women over 40 gone.
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It was almost beyond words. We sat there, looking at each other, for what have must have free naked women over 40 been only a few moments free naked women over 40 but, within those moments, those few and beautiful moments, we lived a lifetime. She spoke first, leaning in close, and whispered in my ear, I want you to be my first . To be honest, didn t expect her to be a virgin,(not calling her free naked women over 40 a slut or anything, it just surprised me. free naked women over 40 I replied in a low voice, I would be happy to be . She moved in on me and straddled my lap. We kissed again, still filled with passion but now free naked women over 40 with lust present as well. I moved from her lips to her neck. She had a perfume on, free naked women over 40 not overpower, very subtle scents of vanilla and lavender that was driving me crazy.

As I softly kissed her neck, she kept having short intakes of breath and let out free naked women over 40 little moans free naked women over 40 of pleasure. Ah, right there, oh . ,escaped from her lips. It was amazing how beautiful she just sounded. She pulled back, and I thought something was wrong but she went for the bottom of free naked women over 40 her shirt and took it of her slender frame. I stared at two beautiful globes of flesh almost pouring out of this lacy blue and pink bra. She looked deep into my eyes, and I could have sworn she was looking at my soul and in a voice barely about a whisper, free naked women over 40 said Go ahead. I started to free naked women over 40 kiss her neck again and slowly began working my way down to her cleavage. She let out a sound that I can only describe as a cross between a giggle free naked women over 40 and a moan. It tickles a little she said.
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At the same time, my hands came from the small of her back, to her bra clasp. I was worried it would be awkward if I couldn t get the damn thing off, but luck was on my side and I got it on the first try. The bra slid off of her and landed between us, revealing her marvelous breasts. They weren t free naked women over 40 enormous, but they weren t anything to laugh at free naked women over 40 either. free naked women over 40 My free naked women over 40 guess would be in the mid to high C range, just like I though before. I reached for free naked women over 40 the right one and gently caressed it. It was firm and supple, they were the perfect set of breasts, complete with small pink, yet perky nipples and quarter sized areolas. I put my mouth to the left one and slowly began flicking the nipple with my tongue while massaging the right. That definitely got a positive reaction because she started to moan again. Hmmm, just like that baby.

Oooooooh, keep doing it, just like that. Ah ah ah . . And while she was voicing her pleasure, mine was all in my head. Both of them. While my mind was thinking, This is perfect, I could do this for hours, free naked women over 40 my other head was thinking different. I could feel my dick starting to swell in my pants .

. fast. Even in the midst of her orgasmic pleasure, she must have felt it to because she playfully said, Wow, I wonder what could be causing that? Kissing her, I replied, You know what s causing it. She rolled off of my lap and lay back on the bed.

Pants , she said, off . I stood up and undid my belt and took off my pants and slid out of my boxers, revealing my raging free naked women over 40 hard on. My 9 inches of glory, just flapping in the breeze. Oooo, my my. I never thought you d be so free naked women over 40 big , Roxy said again free naked women over 40 in that seductively playful voice. I sat back don on the bed and half laid over and said sarcastically, Well thanks for the vote of confidence babe , acting hurt. She sat up a little, kissed me, and said, You know I m just playing baby. We kept kissing, becoming more free naked women over 40 and more enveloped in each other s touch. I broke off the kiss and began kissing other parts free naked women over 40 of her magnificent body. As I worked my way down past the breasts, to the stomach she let out sighs of pleasure that were music to my ears.
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Yes, lower, yes baby, free naked women over 40 oooooh go even lower. I came to her pants and undid the button and slid the pant teen nip slips off a little. She was wearing these lacy panties that must have been a matching set to the bra she was wearing earlier.
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I got her pants all the way of and just took a moment to look at the sight in front of me. Roxanne, the girl I spent years, pining after, here with me, laying naked and wanting to be with me. This time it was me who almost shed free naked women over 40 a free naked women over 40 tear, but for the sake of machismo, I held it back. I free naked women over 40 came back down to Roxy s level and gave her a quick kiss before asking, Do you want to take them off or should I? She replied with a sexy little voice that almost made me bust right there, You take them off . So I figured I had to free naked women over 40 bring something to the bed, so I took free naked women over 40 her panties off . with my mouth.
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dena and hossam sex movie I asked and she replied by grabbing my hand and dropping free naked women over 40 from her squatting position to mounting me on her knees. She didn t say a word, but she did squeeze my hand unbelievably hard and a couple of tears flowed freely down her cheek. I sat up and wiped the tears from her face and gave her a kiss. It s alright babe, just take a second to get used to it. I said and then laid back and waited. Soon, she started to rock back and forth on me. Nhhh, nhhh, ahhhh were the sounds of the sighs that she made. After rocking on me for about a minute, she started to bounce up and down on my cock.
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Oh fuck, that feels good. Ah, never felt like this in my life! Sssss-ooooooh, damn it feels so fucking good. And she was SCREAMING this. I was in complete bliss myself but couldn t help but wonder, She was a virgin a couple minutes again and now she s riding me and screaming like a pro. She must have been repressing a freak!
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she screamed so loud I was pretty sure that the cops were on their way. Yea girl, take it, oh just take it all! I threw caution to the wind. If the cops came, they came. Fuck them. My mind was exploding. I was seeing stars, birds, and everything else.
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. All I could muster in reply was NRGHHAHHHHHH! and I exploded into her vagina. I felt shot after shot of my jizz shoot deep into her. Oh SHIT!

was my only cry. After what seemed like an eternity, the orgasms stopped and free naked women over 40 Roxy collapsed on to my chest and just lay there out of breath and utterly drained of all energy. I was in no better shape. On top of the physical strain my body just took, the pain of the ass whupping I took a day ago returned. All I free naked women over 40 could do was lay there and stare into Roxanne s eyes. Coincidently, that was all I wanted to do anyway. Her voice brought me back from deep within the swimming pools of her eyes and she said the three words I will never get tired of hearing, I love you Malik.
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This time, I couldn t hold the tear back, but this time she was the one to wipe it off my face and free naked women over 40 I said, I free naked women over 40 love you too Roxanne. She then laid her head down on my chest, right under my chin free naked women over 40 and fell asleep. This is perfect I said to free naked women over 40 myself as I held my angel the entire night through.
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The night before busty vampire rar she and her boyfriend busty vampire rar had busty vampire rar engaged in a huge argument and so she had not been able to get off by his playing with her pussy with his fingers or his tongue.

She missed busty vampire rar shuttering busty vampire rar and jerking while cumming, as many times as she could get him to do her. Then she would give him a sexy handjob, or take his cock in her hot mouth and bob up and down until he spurted his hot load down busty vampire rar her tight throat. As she slid into the shower her mind was racing as to how she would get some sex that busty vampire rar day. The boyfriend was out- he was a year older than she but he was really immature and often would prefer to hang out with his corner boys than to be with her and have sex. That became old real fast!
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She decided to go for a stroll down The Avenue and try to attract a more mature male, one who would appreciate her more than the dopey boyfriend. To aid in the process she decided to leave busty vampire rar the bra out of her outfit for the day. She had noticed that guys had been staring at her chest a lot lately- her titties had gotten bigger in the last year or so (her bra size was now 36 C). When she was cold or became excited her nipples would get vey stiff and long which attracted even more busty vampire rar attention! She squirmed into a pair of short-shorts and pulled on a white cotton top made of thin material. She walked out of the house and strolled the 2 blocks over to the Avenue. As she took steps her unrestrained boobs would bobble too & fro so busty vampire rar that her whole front was constantly in motion. This busty vampire rar would also cause her big nipples to graze the inside of her busty vampire rar top, the friction causing her to feel more sensual. Her busty vampire rar pussy had already started to get damp. She reached the Avenue and turned north.
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She employed busty vampire rar her tongue on any stray droplets. Then she licked her busty vampire rar lips, looking up at Steve and asking Did you enjoy that (as if she had not just given him a passionate blow-job)! busty vampire rar As way of answer Steve grasped both breast gossip girl season 2 part ones in his hands and squeezed them tightly, then leaned over and kissed her full on her soft pouty lips. When he finally broke the kiss he said That s the best b.
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j. that I have ever had-I m going to have to get your # japan anal hard so that we can get together real soon!
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In it I plan to post pics of what I consider my characters to look like, updates on stories as I write, and also a great place for feedback from all hungarian girls pics of you. Here is the link http //forum. xnxx.

com/showthread. hungarian girls pics php? hungarian girls pics p=4311876&posted=1#post4311876 Broken Bliss CH 3 +++++++++++++++++++++++ The sound of the door opening brought me awake, pulling me from a dream in which I had relived the last few moments with Lisa, hungarian girls pics my sister. "Everything okay in here, hunny? " I hear mom's voice. hungarian girls pics "I heard you moaning, so thought I would check up on you.
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hungarian girls pics " "I'm good, hungarian girls pics mom, I Just started having another dream. Thank you. " Mom enters my room, and hungarian girls pics by the moonlight streaming through my window I can see hungarian girls pics that she is wearing the same transparent camisole she hungarian girls pics wore the other night. My cock, already stiff from the dream, stiffens more at the site of her, causing another moan to escape my lips. She moves quickly to the side of the bed and sits down, placing her hand on my leg. "Do you--" She pauses to swallow, "Do you need some help, hungarian girls pics again? " Her hand begins to rub up and down along my b amateur tastelanket covered leg, sending chills up my spine.
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Despite what I have done with my hungarian girls pics sister and even what my mom has done for me, I'm still nervous. "I dunno. I think I'll be fine, but thanks, hungarian girls pics mom. I love you. " "Nonsense!
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" She yanked back the covers, revealing the large tent in my boxers. "See, look at that. Just give me a couple minutes, and we can have that taken care of. " She began to tug at my boxers, and I resigned hungarian girls pics myself to hungarian girls pics her care. Lifting my hips, my boxers were soon around my ankles, and my erection in mom's ever so talented hands. She smiled at me, as one of her hands cupped my balls, and the hungarian girls pics other one slid up and down my shaft.

"Just relax, hunny. I'll have you taken care of in no time. " Something hungarian girls pics must have dawned on her. hungarian girls pics "Damn, I should have brought lotion in with me. " She glanced around the room, but didn't see anything she could use for lube. "Hmm, guess I have no other choice. " Her head dropped to my lap, and suddenly I found my hungarian girls pics cock surrounded hungarian girls pics by hungarian girls pics mom's warm, wet mouth. Her hand continued to slide hungarian girls pics along my cock, while hungarian girls pics her tongue worked wonders on the head hungarian girls pics of my penis. "Ahhh! " I moaned loudly, overwhelmed with bliss.

I've hungarian girls pics had a few blowjobs in my time, but none, and I mean NONE, compared to what mom was giving me now. Her head began to bob up and down, hungarian girls pics and soon I found I was in the back of her throat. She pulled up, gasping for breath, and I could see that my cock was hungarian girls pics lathered with her saliva, a large string of it still connected to her lips. hungarian girls pics Her hand went into overtime, jacking my slathered cock, and making me pant and moan hungarian girls pics in ecstasy. This was better than some sex I had had! Her head dropped back down, and I felt that familiar churning, letting me know I was close. hungarian girls pics "Mom, hungarian girls pics I'm.

.. I'm... About--" she must have known what I was going to say, because if it felt good before, it was fantastic now as she redoubled her efforts, bobbing, sucking, and deep-throating me. My balls tightened, and I emptied a massive load down mom's throat. "ahhhahhhhhhahhhhhhhhh!

" I moaned loudly, unable to hold back, and thrusting my hips up into her eager, sucking mouth. Finally, exhausted, I calmed down, and watched as mom lifted her head, and looked at me. To my large surprise, she blew a cum bubble, then slurped it back up and swallowed the load. If I hungarian girls pics hadn't already had two great orgasms tonight, I have no doubt the site of her doing that would have revived me to full mast. "Wow, mom..

. Just... Just wow!
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You truly are the best! Thank you. " I said with heartfelt emotion. "Not bad for your hungarian girls pics girlfriend, huh? " She asked with a wink, referring to our little date before. "I must say the taste is improving. " hungarian girls pics She gave me a peck on my cheek, and I stopped her before she left. "Mom, are you sure there is nothing I can do to repay all you have done for me? " "You already are, hunny. You do it with the way you treat me.
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" She winked and smiled, then pulled my boxers up, followed by my blankets. Giving me another peck, she turned and left the room, my eyes locked on her swaying ass. I don't know when it happened, but at some point I had resigned myself to this delicious incestuous love. * * * I awoke bright and chipper as the sun came up. Not usually a morning person, hungarian girls pics I was surprised to wake in such a good mood, until the events of last night played through my head.

I whistled a tune as I walked from my room, and saw Lisa sitting at the table. When she looked up at me, I winked and gave her hungarian girls pics my best smile, and laughed as she actually blushed. Who had seduced hungarian girls pics who last night? Without saying a word to me, Lisa hungarian girls pics got up and poured a bowl for me. "How are you feeling this morning? " I whispered as I sat next to hungarian girls pics her. "I'm really sore, but don't you dare apologize. " She hungarian girls pics finally looked at me, and there was no mistaking the determination in her eyes.

"I don't regret hungarian girls pics any of it. " I kept smiling at her. "Nor do I, sister. Nor do I. " I sat contentedly while Lisa hungarian girls pics fed me, and then watched TV while she finished getting ready. Just as she was heading out the door, I gave her a passionate kiss, and bid her a good day.

Mom was just walking out of her room yawning, but still wearing the see-thru camisole, as I sat back down at the TV. "Is there anything you want to do today, hunny? " hungarian girls pics She asked as soon as she spotted me. "Oh, you know... " I said jokingly with a wink, and overtly checked out her body. She smiled and posed for me, and there was no way I could deny that mom was HOT!

"Is your sister gone? " She asked, walking over to me. I nodded, and she began pulling down my shorts. There was a knock on the door, and mom jumped up, and backed away. I shuffled my hungarian girls pics hips to get my shorts back on, and by the time I did, mom had grabbed a bathrobe, and wound it around her sexy frame.
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"Who could that be? " I wondered, and we both went to answer the door. The woman on the other side was a very hungarian girls pics attractive redhead, and by the looks of her belly, ready to give hungarian girls pics birth at any moment. "Amber! " My mom hungarian girls pics greeted her, "Come in, and take a load off. You know you really shouldn't be hungarian girls pics walking around this late in the pregnancy! " Amber allowed herself to be guided into the front room, where only moments before I had been hungarian girls pics about to get another great blowjob. I quickly dismissed the thought from my head as I watched amber walk.
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Despite her bulk, she had a smooth grace to her that was undeniable. "Forgive me," my mom said, flustered, "I should introduce you. Amber this is my son, Jason. Jason, this is one of John's girlfriends that I told you about. " I was slightly shocked to hear her referred to as only 'one of John's girlfriends," But Amber didn't seem to mind, so I ignored it. "Nice to meet you," I said, extending my hand. She took it and nodded, and I enjoyed how soft and delicate her hands were.

"We were thinking of having a BBQ tomorrow, and wondered if you cared to join us? " Amber asked. Mom looked to me for a second, hungarian girls pics "Do you feel up to that, hunny? " I just nodded. Who was this John fellow, to be able to get not only three girlfriends, but one as hungarian girls pics cute as this redhead as one of them? I offered to escort Amber back to her place, but both women laughed at the notion, what with hungarian girls pics my arms and all. "What was the deal with that lady, yesterday?

" Amber asked at the door. Until this point, I had completely forgotten about Jenny. "She was my crazy ex," I say with a self deprecating laugh. After hungarian girls pics mom walked Amber home, she asked about hungarian girls pics Jenny. I just told her that she had come over, trying to get back with hungarian girls pics me, I refused and broke it off, and she hungarian girls pics flipped out. "Well, according to Amber, she has a rather vulgar hungarian girls pics mouth. You can do better than her, hunny.
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" "Like hungarian girls pics you? " I said, and tried to give her a quick kiss on the lips, but she was too fast for my broke self, and easily dodged. "What has gotten into hungarian girls pics you, hungarian girls pics lately? I swear, sometimes I don't know if you take more after your dad, or me. " "Crap! " I cursed, as the conversation hungarian girls pics about Jenny sparked a memory. I still needed to sign those documents at my apartment. "I just remembered hungarian girls pics something I need to do today, if you can drive me there, hungarian girls pics mom.
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" "Of, course, hunny," she readily replied. I explained everything (except the sex), as we were driving to my apartment. "You made the right choice in getting rid of her, son," Mom said, as soon as I finished. We arrived at my apartment complex soon after, and I went straight to the manager's office. I knocked on the door, and an attractive, slightly older bleach blonde, answered the door. Her hair was tied up in a tight bun, and as usual for her, hungarian girls pics she looked like she had just bitten into sour grapes. On her nose sat a small pair of glasses, which made her eyes look almost beady. If it weren't for the fact that I always paid rent on time, and never caused any problems, I am certain she would have found some reason to evict hungarian girls pics me.
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Not that she has ever been rude, just that I hungarian girls pics had heard that she was quite the hard-nose when it came to managing this place. I am still somewhat uncertain why she was willing to give me time to sign these documents against Jenny. "Sarah? Is that YOU? " My mom asked as she entered the room, and I looked at her in surprise.

Mom knew my apartment manager? "Diane? ' hungaria celebrity red tube sex videosn girls pics Came the shocked reply. "What are you doing here? " "I'm taking care of my son while her recovers. I didn't know you lived in town. " Mom replied. "Jason is your son?
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Hmm. " Sarah's manner slowly began to change, as she loosened up around my mom. Several times I was sure she was going to say something, then would stop, look hungarian girls pics at me, and say something benign. hungarian girls pics What would have been only a 30 minute signing of papers (which was awkward with the casts), took more than an hour, as they caught up on current events. Sarah then showed us the apartment, and told me to document anything that was missing. Mom and Sarah continued to chat while I walked through my small apartment. A hungarian girls pics lamp was broke, and that was about it.

Apparently after she became violent here, she was booted from the premises before she could do any further damage. I even found a bag of hungarian girls pics her hungarian girls pics stuff that she had packed, but hadn't taken with her. "Oh, son! I invited Sarah over to dinner this weekend, hope you don't mind. " Mom told me hungarian girls pics as soon as I re-entered the front room. Mind?
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Why would I mind if my stuck-up, prude of an apartment manager came to dinner? What I said, though, was, "Sure. That'd be nice. " I then noticed that Sarah had let her hair done. hungarian girls pics I have never seen her with her hungarian girls pics hair anything but in that tight bun, and I had to admit she was rather attractive this way. After a bit more chat, Sarah finally let my mom go, and we drove off. "So how do hungarian girls pics you know my apartment manager?

" I ask. All through their chatting, I never did quite catch how they knew each other. Mom looked at me hungarian girls pics out of the corner of her eye for a moment, hungarian girls pics before replying. "We met in college. " When nothing else was said, it made me even more curious, and I just stared at mom, making it obvious I wanted more of an answer.
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After a couple minutes of staring, I could see mom was getting fidgety. "Oh, all right! I guess hungarian girls pics after what hungarian girls pics we've done, it shouldn't bother me if you knew. In college hungarian girls pics we were girlfriends. " "But I thought you dated dad hungarian girls pics all through college..
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.? " "Uh, yes... Um, er, rather, you see, it was different back then.

The truth is we were both your dad's girlfriends... The three of us dated each other. " hungarian girls pics I sat in shocked silence for a moment. I never knew hungarian girls pics my mom might swing both ways. It was honestly a turn hungarian girls pics on. And my dad had both of them?

I couldn't believe it! "That is HOT, mom! " I exclaimed, seeing her face had gone red, and hungarian girls pics wanting to get her to relax. "Will you tell me about it? " "Oh, hunny. You don't want to hear about your hungarian girls pics old mother's sexual past.

" She said, chiding me. "But I do! And quit with the old stuff! You're my girlfriend, remember? Young and gorgeous. " Mom placed her hand on my knee and gave me her dazzling smile. "Okay, hunny, but you can't tell hungarian girls pics your sister! " * * * David sat cramming for his exam tomorrow, stressing. If he failed one hungarian girls pics more test, he would lose his sports scholarship. He was bummed, because he was missing out on a party with his hungarian girls pics girlfriend, Diane, but it was because of too many parties, that he was in the hungarian girls pics predicament he was in now.
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Diane had left with their friend Sarah, to the party. He wasn't too worried about Diane cheating on him, as they were in love, and planning on getting married after graduation. Sarah was also a good friend of hungarian girls pics his, even if she was a massive tease, and would keep an eye out for trouble. The door to his apartment hungarian girls pics opened, and he heard two girls giggling as they entered. Looking to the clock, David realized it was already 2am, and groaned. He hadn't planned on studying hungarian girls pics this late, but wanted to make sure he was ready for the test hungarian girls pics tomorrow. "What are you doing up, mister? hungarian girls pics " Diane hungarian girls pics asked. She only ever called him hungarian girls pics 'mister' like that when she was drunk.
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"He must have known that two hot women were coming to his place, and stayed up for us," Sarah said, swaggering into the bedroom where hungarian girls pics David had been doing his studying, and sitting on the edge of the bed. David couldn't help but smile. He like when the two got drunk together. He usually saw some extra skin when that happened. hungarian girls pics Not for the first time, David wondered what it would be like to have a threesome with these two.

He had mentioned it once to Diane, and been told that it hungarian girls pics would never happen. "If you study too much, your brain will rot! " Diane said as she walked over and gave Dave a long kiss. He could taste the alcohol on her breath, but didn't mind. "Where's my kiss? " Sarah asked Diane.

They often made out when they were drunk too. David always liked watching, but also wished he could be a part of it. hungarian girls pics David answered Sarah before Diane got a chance to. "You need to come over and get one, if you want one! " Sarah looked at him for a second, a little surprised. She knew that Dave would never cheat hungarian girls pics on Diane, and he had never made a comment like that before. "Yeah," Diane put her own two cents in, "I know how to treat a man.
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I went to him for a kiss. You have to, too. " "Oh yeah? Well, I just might! " But Sarah didn't move for a second. She didn't want to cross any lines, and lose the friendship of either of these two. When hungarian girls pics no one said anything different, Sarah got up, and leaning slightly as she walked, approached David. Diane smacked her lightly on the ass as she passed, saying only, "Kiss her good, hungarian girls pics Mister!
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" David took the challenge, and stood to meet Sarah. He pulled her into his arms, and bent her back like in the movies. He hungarian girls pics looked deep into her drunken eyes, and then slowly began to kiss her. At first it was just lips to lips, but then he got daring when she didn't pull away, and touched his tongue to her lips. Her reaction surprised him, as hungarian girls pics her mouth opened, and she aggressively attacked his tongue with hers. He could feel himself getting hard as he made out with this beautiful woman in his arms, and remembering that she wasn't Diane he broke off the kiss, and brought her back upright. Both of them stared at each other, wondering what thoughts were going through the other's head, when Diane broke the silence. "That was SO hot!
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David, I'll be honest, I thought I was going to get jealous, but watching you kiss her has made my hungarian girls pics pussy really wet! " David knew this had to be true. Diane was always horny, hungarian girls pics trying to get into his pants all hours of the day and night, but she never talked like that unless she was really turned on. "Well, I'd better get going then," Sarah said hurriedly, her face still flushed from the kiss, and her emotions scrambled. "I don't want to be in hungarian girls pics your way. " She tried to get out the door, but Diane stood in her way.
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"Believe me," David's girlfriend said, "you won't hungarian girls pics be in t licking and fucking teenshe way. " Before Sarah could say anything, Diane pulled her in for a passionate kiss, that as far as David could tell, Sarah returned. He hungarian girls pics saw hungarian girls pics Diane wave him over, and he approached, wondering what she had in mind. hungarian girls pics As soon as he was hungarian girls pics in reach, she grabbed him, hungarian girls pics and pulled his face to theirs, creating a three-way kiss.

This was something David had never done, and while hungarian girls pics he found it really awkward, he thoroughly enjoyed it. The three tongues moved back and forth, finding one set of lips, then another, in hungarian girls pics a constant struggle to experience everything at once. He felt a hand on his ass, and thought it was Diane's at first, but realized the angle was wrong. Diane hungarian girls pics was on his left, this hand hungarian girls pics was coming from his right. Never one hungarian girls pics to pass up an opportunity, David dropped his hand to her jean covered ass, giving it a big squeeze. hungarian girls pics He let his left hand drop down to Diane's rear, and gave it similar treatment. Both women moaned into their kiss.

This time it was Sarah that broke the kiss, backing away quickly. "I'm sorry. I have to hungarian girls pics go," she told them, her face red, eyes wild, and breathing heavily. "I can't trust myself to behave if I stay any longer. " Again, Diane blocked her way, not allowing the woman to leave. "Then stay and misbehave," she said. Diane brought her hand up to Sarah's face and cupped her cheek and whispered, "I want you here. " She then reached down, and grabbed Sarah's hand, pulling it up and placed it over her heart.
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"Your heart is beating hard! " Sarah said. "Are you sure? " Diane nodded that she was, and then Sarah turned to David. David in turn looked back to Diane, not believing his luck. When she said nothing, David did the only thing hungarian girls pics he could think to do.
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He told the truth. "Sarah, you are beautiful, sexy, and if I weren't so in love with Diane, I would have fallen for you long ago. " Sarah seemed to melt, hungarian girls pics and then started crying. David went to her, thinking that he had said somethi ng wrong. Pulling her into his arms, she laid her head on his chest, and hungarian girls pics wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him in a large hug. "I have been in love with you both for a long time, but never knew how to tell you. You are both my best hungarian girls pics friends, and I never wanted to lose that. " She lifted her face from David's chest, and he could see that her tears weren't ones of sadness, but rather true joy. Feeling his heart about to burst with emotion, he leaned in, and kissed her tenderly. The kiss was soft and tender this time, rather than passionate, but felt all the more wonderful for it.

When the kiss ended, David let Diane pull her away. "I never thought I would be into women, but you are my best friend, too. I would do anything for you, and if that isn't love, then David and I are in trouble, because I feel the same way for him as I do for you. " Their kiss too was tender and loving, but quickly turned passionate as Diane's hands began to roam Sarah's body. David sat back at his desk, enjoying the scene, as both women began to grope each other. Every other time David had watched these two kiss, they had kept it strictly PG rated kissing, but nothing else. This time their hands moved freely over each other's bodies, seeking what hungarian girls pics pleased hungarian girls pics the other, and getting their answers in the forms of moans and sighs of pleasure.
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Sarah was the first to go for the crotch, lifting Diane's hungarian girls pics dress to get to her pussy. She broke the kiss immediately after. "Diane, your panties are soaked! " She said in shock. David knew how wet Diane could get, and also knew that she had hungarian girls pics to sometimes change her panties two or three times a day, hungarian girls pics depending on how horny she got, and if David hungarian girls pics was around to help her with it. Diane moaned, as hungarian girls pics Sarah pressed her hand against the soaked panties, and began to rub. Diane stepped back, and quickly removed her dress and panties. "You shave down there? " Sarah asked. "Of course!

David likes it that way. " Hearing his name, David got up from his seat, hungarian girls pics and walked over to them. Sarah had gotten down on her knees for a closer look, hungarian girls pics and began to touch Diane's pussy again. "How does it feel to have it shaved? " She asked. "It is more sensitive," she replied, then gasped as Sarah found her clit. "I've never shaved mine, and never even thought about it, but yours looks so sexy and bare like that.

I love it. " "David likes to shave mine. He--" Diane shuddered. "He does a great job as you can see. " Sarah turned hungarian girls pics to look at David and was taken aback to hungarian girls pics see him right next to her. She had been so absorbed in Diane's pussy, she hadn't noticed anything else. "Would you..

.? " was all she said, before David went to bathroom and got everything hungarian girls pics he needed. Sarah unbuttoned her pants, and lay on the towel David set on the edge of the bed. He put hungarian girls pics some shaving cream in his hands, and lathered it up.
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Looking to Sarah's pussy, he couldn't even see the outer lips through all the hair. He could, however, smell the unmistakable scent of a woman, no... hungarian girls pics Make that two women extremely turned on. He applied the lathered cream to her crotch, making sure to work it in all the way to her skin.

Sarah groaned as he rubbed, and even began to gyrate her hips. Knowing that Diane hungarian girls pics never let him do this too hungarian girls pics long, because it turned her on too much, he pulled out the straight edge razor his dad had given him for graduating high school, and got to work. It took longer than usual hungarian girls pics because of all the hungarian girls pics extra hair, but when he was done, he could see Sarah's juices leaking from her vagina. Deciding that he may as well give her the full hungarian girls pics treatment he gives Diane, he wiped off the remaining shaving cream hungarian girls pics with a towel, and dove in for a taste. Sarah's legs locked around his head as he began lapping up her juices. David noted that there was a definite difference in taste between the two women, but not in a bad way. David could make out muffled moans as he worked her pussy with his tongue. hungarian girls pics He felt hands at his waist, and turned to let Diane pull his pants off. His cock sprang free, all 6 1/2 inches of it, thick as a 2 inch PVC pipe, and just as hard, hungarian girls pics only to be trapped immediately after by Diane's warm, wet, mouth.
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Diane knew what she was doing, and soon he hungarian girls pics was moaning into Sarah's pussy. Diane's mouth moved away from his cock, which was good, because he had been coming close hungarian girls pics to blowing, and he wanted hungarian girls pics this night to last. Diane pulled him from Sarah's pussy, and he noticed for the first time that both women were completely naked. His shirt soon hit the floor. Diane and Sarah had moved hungarian girls pics all the way onto the bed, while David had finished undressing, and Sarah was sitting on Diane's face. David stood watching, admiring, for a few moments. It didn't take him long before he realized that those muffled moans he had heard before were in fact loud screams. Sarah was a screamer. Her large breasts heaved on her chest as she screamed in ecstasy hungarian girls pics at Diane's ministrations.
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Apparently she was just as good with women as she was with men. David decided he had watched long enough, and jumped on the bed, getting between his girlfriend's legs. He began to rub his cock up and down her soaking pussy. He had never in their years of dating and screwing, hungarian girls pics seen her this wet. He let out a sigh as he sank his thick cock to the hilt with ease. With his left hand he began hungarian girls pics fondling Diane's hungarian girls pics breasts, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples, and with his right, he finally got to touch Sarah's large breasts. Breasts were David's biggest fetish. Big or small, flat, firm, or drooping, he loved them all. He had seen Sarah's on many a drunken occasion, but never been allowed to touch. Now he could not only touch, he even leaned forward, while still pumping in hungarian girls pics and out of Diane, and sucked her other nipple into his mouth.
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This sent Sarah over the edge, hungarian girls pics and hungarian girls pics she let out an ear shattering hungarian girls pics scream as hungarian girls pics she came in Diane's mouth. Sarah got off Diane, and then hungarian girls pics bent over to kiss her, as David continued to pump in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The kiss didn't last long though, as Sarah began to hungarian girls pics work her way down Diane's neck, to her chest, and then to her free tit. "Oh, fuck, that feels good. Oh, baby, your cock feels so good hungarian girls pics in my pussy. I love the way you fuck me. Oh YES, suck that hungarian girls pics nipple in your mouth, you gorgeous woman. Suck it! " The profanities continued hungarian girls pics until Diane came hungarian girls pics hard, nearly biting hungarian girls pics her own tongue as she did. David pulled out, feeling himself getting close again.
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Diane opened hungarian girls pics her eyes, and looked to both Sarah and David. "Are you gonna fuck her with your big cock now, Mister? Are you gonna make her cum hungarian girls pics like hungarian girls pics you did me? " The hungarian girls pics other two needed no further urging. David lie on his back, and smiled as Sarah threw her leg over hungarian girls pics his.
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She reached down and hungarian girls pics positioned David's cock for her hole, then stopped. "Are you sure, Diane? After hungarian girls pics this, there is no going back...

" In answer, Diane kissed her forcefully, pushing her down at the same time, and onto David's ready and eager pole. David moaned, and Sarah would have screamed in ecstasy at having her pussy so full of cock, if Diane weren't kissing her. Sarah's hips began to gyrate, and David loved the way she felt on top of him. Without breaking their kiss, Diane swung her body around, and sat on David's face. Thankful for something to distract him from the feeling of Sarah's pussy milking his cock, David acted like a starving man hungarian girls pics at his first buffet.

David was overwhelmed with pleasure. Not only was he making love to his wonderful girlfriend, but he was screwing his best friend at the same time. He knew he hungarian girls pics was getting close, but just as he was about to warn her, Diane had a massive orgasm, slamming her vagina against his mouth, effectively cutting off anything he could have said. He started hungarian girls pics to ejaculate into Sarah, pumping his seed into her, as he hungarian girls pics convulsed beneath both women. David's orgasm hungarian girls pics then sent Sarah off, and this time her screams did make them go deaf for a little while. hungarian girls pics David passed his test the next morning, despite only having had a couple hours sleep.
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Sarah moved in with them. David was in bliss, having two girlfriends, until about five months later, Sarah left them with only a note saying she couldn't stay around anymore. * * * Mom hungarian girls pics finished her story just in time as Lisa walked through the door, home from school. I couldn't help but notice that during her telling she would sometimes touch herself, then remembering that I was there, stop. "Hey dear. Make sure you don't have plans for tomorrow night.

We are going next door for a BBQ, and I finally have a night off. " Mom told Lisa. Mom retired to her room to shower and get ready for work, and hungarian girls pics Lisa came out to join me in front of the hungarian girls pics TV. "How are you feeling today? " I asked, concern filling my voice.

"Still pretty sore," she told me. "I don't think we can do anything tonight, but if you want, I'll give you a blowjob after mom leaves. " How did I get so lucky, I wondered, to have a girl so willing to please me? The fact that she was hungarian girls pics my sister no longer hungarian girls pics seemed to bother me. I was extremely horny after mom's story, but my love for my sister came first. "You don't have to if you don't want to. I'd understand.
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" She playfully hit me on the arm. "Listen, silly, I hungarian girls pics WANT to. I WANT to do more. I WANT to feel you inside me again. I just don't think I can.

So be ready as soon as mom leaves, to have your little sister suck that big cock of yours! " I've created a monster, I thought. We settled to watching TV, and sure hungarian girls pics enough, hungarian girls pics as soon as mom's car pulled out of the driveway, Lisa had my shorts down and my cock in her mouth. I marveled at the differences between Lisa's and Mom's styles. hungarian girls pics Where mom had skills, Lisa had enthusiasm. Remembering how mom did it, I started to give her pointers, and while she still needed practice, it wasn't long before she was swallowing my hungarian girls pics load. ================================= As always, please let me know what you think. If you rate me a negative, I would love to know why.

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He was 15-years old and the textbook definition of a redneck.

I famili porno sex was 13-years old famili porno sex at the time and took a liking to Gary because he looked up to me as some sort of "tough & streetwise" famili porno sex L. A. kid. In his eyes, I was far superior then he or any other kid from the hick-town where he grew famili porno sex up. In reality, I wasn't even remotely tough or streetwise and Gary was the only one that had this famili porno sex perception of me. I famili porno sex was actually in the process of better understanding why I seemed to famili porno sex enjoy creating situations where other boys would be able to see my dick. famili porno sex I'd lead them to some secluded location and then suddenly need to take a piss. I never knew what to expect by way of a reaction famili porno sex and that alone famili porno sex was equally as exciting to me.

Would this guy be the type to look away, famili porno sex or would he be the type to scold me for not turning away to piss? famili porno sex Would he give me that "are you gay or something" look, or would he be the type to just stand there with his eyes glued to my pissing dick? - They where few and far between, but there where some boys who suddenly needed to piss just as badly. Some would turn away to do it, but others would just whip out their dick and put it proudly on display like I was. As if that wasn't strange famili porno sex enough, I always hoped that when some kid did whip out his dick to piss, that it would be bigger or more worthy of praise then famili porno sex mine. On those ocassions, I wouldn't hesitate to verbalize my observations with comments such as "Jeeze!

- you've got a big one! " - or - "Dang! - don't tell anyone that I have famili porno sex a small one, okay? " My famili porno sex heart would race as I stood there waiting famili porno sex for their reply to my comment. While some totally lacked imagination, others returned the praise in famili porno sex the same nervous tone as I gave it by famili porno sex saying things like "Yours is just as big as mine.

" - or - "Yours isn't small, and I wouldn't tell anyone if it was anyway. " I had developed the ability to do this without famili porno sex any hesitation. But when I thought about famili porno sex giving Gary a peek at my pecker, it scared the shit out of me because he wasn't just another 12 or 13 famili porno sex year old like the others. He was on the verge of turning 16 and had hair in places that was still months and years famili porno sex away for from growing on my body. He had hairy legs, underarm hair, and even a trail of hair that started at his belly button and ran downward into his pants. It was obvious that this trail of hair had to lead right down into the famili porno sex bush that was growing around his dick, but whatever images I did have where just that. Images created in my horny little mind and not based on any famili porno sex actual sightings. My mom wasn't keen about me being friends with a 15-year old, famili porno sex and I even think that she was suspicious as to why a 15-year old wanted to be friends with her 13-year old son. But after meeting Gary and seeing that he was basically missing a chromizone, she backed off.
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Eventually the day arrived where I was invited famili porno sex to spend the night over at Gary's house. I had spent hours coming up with dozens of scenarios that would lead to the removal of famili porno sex my clothing, or at a minimum to expose my pecker to Gary. My "Plan A" was to confide a secret only after he promised that he would never tell anyone pair of assesfamili porno sex about it. He famili porno sex prommised and crossed his heart and all that shit, then I started telling him this completely fictitious, yet totally erotic story about spying on my famili porno sex sister and her boyfriend. I famili porno sex told him that I was in her bedroom reading her diary when I heard her and he boyfriend coming up the stairs. It was too late for me to leave her bedroom without getting caught, so I was forced to hide inside of her closet. I described how they started making out on the bed while her boyfriend squeezed my sisters tits.

"No shit! - He was playing with famili porno sex her tit's? " Gary said. "Yeah, but then he pulled up her shirt and started sucking on famili porno sex them. " "Shit fire! Then what happened? " Gary said as he placed his hand in his lap famili porno sex to famili porno sex hide the effect that my story was having on his dick.
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I told him that I tried not to look since it was my sister and all, but for some reason I couldn't stop. Especially when she started rubbing the front of his pants. I described how the lump in his pants just kept getting bigger and bigger until he was begging her to undo his pants and take it out. I described how I tried to not to watch anymore, famili porno sex but I couldn't help it. "Ain't nothing to be ashamed of. I would have looked to if I had a sister. " Gary said.

"Yeah, but something really bad happened when she started unzipping his pants and famili porno sex stuff. " I said. "What happened? " gary asked. "I started getting like her boyfriend was. You know? - Down there. " I said shamfully. "What - You mean you started getting a woody?
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- That's not bad man! Any guy would have popped a mean one watching that shit! - Fuck man! - I getting one just listening famili porno sex to you talk about it" Gary said. "Boy! - Did I see plenty too. When my sister pulled his underware down. His big old boner flopped out and it was gigantic.
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It was this big, I sware! " I said holding my pointer fingers about 5 inches famili porno sex apart. "Shit! That ain't big! - How old is this dude? " famili porno sex Gary asked. "He's 18 and so is my sister. " I said. "That aint shit!

- I'm 15 and mine is bigger then that. Mine is more like this. " Gary said holding his pointer fingers about famili porno sex 7 inches apart. "NO famili porno sex WAY! " I said emphatically. famili porno sex "The fuck it ain't! " Gary said.

"Check this out! " and he raised his butt up off the floor a few inches and slid his shorts down famili porno sex passed his knees. I almost passed out when Gary's cock cleared the elastic band of his shorts. His boner snapped back up and made a loud slapping sound when it hit his belly. I was truely looking at the biggest cock famili porno sex that I had ever seen in my entire life. It was about 7 inces long and thick. He had a fluffy bush of dick hair famili porno sex twice as big as I had imagined it in my mind. "So did your sister play with his cock. or famili porno sex something?
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" Gary asked. "Yeah, like towards the top at first, but then she started rubbing it down famili porno sex by the hairy part" I said. "Fuck man! - I've gotta famili porno sex jack-off now! " Gary said and famili porno sex started stroking his cock. famili porno sex He asked famili porno sex me not to tell anyone that he jacked off in front of me and I promised not to. But when he saw me rubbing my 5 inch hotdog through my shorts, he decided that I needed to join the jack-off party. But what surprised me more then that was that Gary didn't ask me to jack-off with him, or even suggest that I could if www black big dick I wanted to.

He reached over and tugged at my shorts until he had pulled then famili porno sex completely famili porno sex off. Then he took his all the way off too. "Fuck man! this is a nice looking cock you've got here! " He said as he stroked my dick with his left hand, while stroking his with his right hand.
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"Whoa! you're playing with famili porno sex my dick Gary. " "Feels fuckin' great, don't it? " He said. "Mmmm" was all I could manage famili porno sex to utter. "You squirting cum out of this little beauty yet? " He asked. "Yeah, not as much as my sisters boyfriend does though. He shot his stuff all over the place and some of it even hit squirted on his face. " I said.

"Fuck man! - do you have any idea how fuckin' horny you're making me. " Gary said through famili porno sex clinched teeth. "How horny? " I whispered.


...... have you ever had your dick sucked on. " Gary said.

"No, why? " I asked. "Cuz I'm fixin to suck you off right famili porno sex now! " Gary said as his head fell into my lap and his mouth covered all 5 inches of my boner. famili porno sex "Oh shit! - Oh fuck! - You're really sucking on my dick! - On man! I'm really gettin sucked!
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famili porno sex " I said. Gary reached up and put my hands ontop of his head and then took my bone out of his mouth just long enough to bark out an order. "Come on! make me suck it you little fucker! " Gary said. Once he put my dick back in his mouth, I shoved his had down until his nose was burried in my little patch of curly cock hairs. "Oh shit famili porno sex yeah! - Suck it! - Oh fuck that feels so good! - Yeah, suck it!

" I moaned. In one quick move, Gary rolled over and pulled me ontop of him with my dick still burried inside of his mouth. On famili porno sex shear instinct, I stared fucking his famili porno sex face and the movement of my thrusting hips brought me to that tingly sensation in just a matter of seconds. I looked down and saw that my balls had all but disappeared and I knew that I only had a few seconds left before I'd squirt. "Oh yeah! - gonna cum Gary! - Watch out! - It's gonna squirt! " I said.

"Okay! move down a shoot it famili porno sex all over my cock! - Yeah dude! That's so hot. Jack that cock and cum all over my dick. " Gary hissed. "Now!

- I'm cumming! - I'm cumming! " I s aid as 3 small spurts of milky cum squirted along the length of Gary's fat 7 inch slab of dick meat. I was still jerking and convulsing and Gary started going to town on his throbbing cock, and using my cum as famili porno sex lube. "But ya nobody's ever jacked off with your cum before? - Look at you! - You're still as hard as a rock man!

Get up here and put that tastey pecker of your back in my mouth. " Gary ordered. I obeyed like a good little soldier and straddled over him and started fucking his face while he jerked his cock furiously. I could hear his nuts slapping faster and faster until it was almost a constant sound. And I was even more suprised when Gary sucked me right back to that tingly place again so quickly.

"Fuck Gary! - I'm gonna cum again! " I said and started to slide my dick out of his mouth, but he stopped me by grasping both of my tiny butt cheeks in one hand and shoving my crotch back into his face. I was worried that he hadn't heard me and my cum was so close to squirting. "GARY!

- I'm gonna squirt in your mouth, stop! " I said but it was too late. I grabbed the back of his neck with both hands and fucked his face through an even more powerful orgasm. Just as I stared to jerk out those last electric pulses, I f hot babes gets it in the asselt Gary's cum squirting all over my butt and the back of my legs.

It just kept squirting and felt really warm. I collapsed downward and felt Garys last pulses of cum splatter around the center of my back. When he was done, he started slapping his chubby cock famili porno sex on my famili porno sex butt cheeks so hard that it made a little sting. It was quiet until we both caught our breath. Gary said that he's never had a better fag-off session then the famili porno sex one famili porno sex that we just had. I didn't know what to say other then to ask how come I didn't get to suck on his dick. Gary got famili porno sex a huge laugh out of that and said that the next time we fag-off, I don't have to ask to do anything. I could just do what ever I wanted. "Really?

- Like what kind famili porno sex of stuff? " I asked. "You ever heard of pussy-practice? " Gary said. "No, what's that? " I asked. "I'll show you tomorrow" He said. And that's basically how I ended up famili porno sex fucking everyday from that day forward. It took nearly a month to get used to having Gary's fat cock rammed up my tiny ass, but once his cock fit me like a glove, famili porno sex I became an insatiable little cock whore.

But once Leonard started fagging off with us, things really got interesting. Gary was as white as paste, I was a darker skinned famili porno sex Hispanic, and Leonard was a 14-year old kid who was as black as the ace of spades. God! how I came to love to suck on that chocolate covered banana while Gary punished my ass. I remember the night that Both Leonard and I stayed the night at Gary's house. He was totally famili porno sex freaked out when Gary and I stared jacking each other off. He even said that if we didn't famili porno sex stop, he was gonna go home. We didn't stop, and Leonard didn't go home. He caved in under the pressure of shear horniness and within a week he famili porno sex was famili porno sex sucking cock like a champ.

But that's a whole other famili porno sex story. Especially when Leonards cousin Leon caught us in a 3-way suck-off. Gary lost his title as having the biggest cock that I'd ever seen to Leon. And he lost by a mile. famili porno sex On famili porno sex a globe of the world. Leons cock famili porno sex could stretch from San Diego, Ca. to Halifax, Nova Scotia. How I ever got that big black fucker up my ass is beyond me.
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There were two beautiful young women in his bed. Both sleeping on their stomachs, no doubt because he d blistered both of their bottoms. His daughter Amber for drinking, smoking marijuana and lying to him her friend Sally for supplying the booze and joints. He d had sex with both of them and they had both slept the night with him in his big California King bed.
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When Jim awoke Sunday morning, Amber and Sally were still sleeping. One on his right the other on his left. Both were on their stomachs no doubt because he had blistered their bottoms the babysitter porn comics over the last two the babysitter porn comics nights. Jim the babysitter porn comics quietly crawled out from under the covers. Let the girls sleep. He went to the kitchen, put coffee on and, after picking it up from the front porch, sat down to read the newspaper. He d just finished the the babysitter porn comics sports section when Amber came into the room. Good morning honey, would you like some coffee? Daddy, there is a problem with Sally, after you got up, so did we.
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We went back to my room to the babysitter porn comics get dressed. Sally didn t look too good. She was walking kind the babysitter porn comics of hunched over. I thought it was because she was sore down the babysitter porn comics below from last night. She went into the bathroom and was in there the babysitter porn comics for almost half an hour and I got concerned.

When I opened the door she was sitting on the potty hunched over and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I helped her up and put her in my bed. When I asked if she was in pain from the babysitter porn comics last night the babysitter porn comics she said yes, but that wasn t the problem. She said she couldn t move her bowels, in fact hadn t for three days and she was cramping badly. Daddy, I looked under her night gown her vagina and anus are still red and swollen but then I felt her tummy. It s sore the babysitter porn comics and she feels feverish. Can you help? Amber, let s go check on her. Jim and Amber went to Amber s room. Sally was curled up in a fetal position holding her stomach and quietly moaning in pain.
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Sally, tell me what s wrong Jim asked. Oh daddy, my tummy is cramping badly. I tried to go to the bathroom and couldn t. I haven the babysitter porn comics t been able to the babysitter porn comics go for three days. Jim caressed her face. She did seem to have a fever. Daddy, I feel cramped and feverish like when I have my period but the cramping is far worse. Please help me. the babysitter porn comics Sally is your period due?

No daddy, the babysitter porn comics I finished two weeks ago. Sally, I think I know what the problem is. You re severely constipated. I want to get your temperature then we ll give you a series of enemas to clean you out. I think you ll be the babysitter porn comics feeling much better in a couple of hours. Let me get my equipment. Jim went to the bathroom in his bedroom and gathered up a two quart enema bag, enema soap, his rectal thermometer and a jar of Vaseline and put them the babysitter porn comics on his night stand then returned to Amber s room. Amber, out in the garage is the IV stand I the babysitter porn comics got when your mom was ill.
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Would you get it, the babysitter porn comics please? Bring it to my room I ll help Sally to climb into my bed. the babysitter porn comics Sally, I want to get your temperature. Lift your gown and roll onto your tummy. After Sally complied, Jim took a small the babysitter porn comics dab of Vaseline on his finger and parted her cheeks. Her anus really did look like a rosebud, pink and swollen. It was still partly distended from last night. Jim rubbed the lubricant in and around her hole, dipped the thermometer into the Vaseline and slowly inserted it in her bottom.
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He stroked her still inflamed the babysitter porn comics cheeks and slowly rotated the thermometer. Sally, this will be done in three minutes. Jim removed the thermometer. Sally s the babysitter porn comics temperature was slightly below 100 degrees. Jim didn t think there was an infection, just feverishness from her constipation. Amber wheeled the IV stand into the room. Amber, can you help. I the babysitter porn comics m going to give Sally two enemas. Would you get several towels and lay them out on the bed while I prepare the enema solution. Jim filled the two quart bag and mixed in the enema soap.

When he got back to the bedroom, the babysitter porn comics Amber had already gotten the towels spread on the bed. Jim hung the bag on the IV stand. Sally, the babysitter porn comics I want you to roll over on the the babysitter porn comics towels. Please either take your nightie off or pull up beyond your hips. I want you the babysitter porn comics on your left side with your right leg pulled up toward your breasts. Sally, have you ever had an enema? I m not sure. Maybe Nanny gave me one when I was little. Ok, here s what you can expect.
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I m going to insert this nozzle in your bottom then I ll release the clamp and soapy water will flow into you. At first you will feel pleasant warmth. As more the babysitter porn comics water fills you, you will feel fullness and some cramping. If you cramp too badly, let me know and I the babysitter porn comics ll cut of the flow til the babysitter porn comics you re ready again. I want you to take the full two quarts. Ok? Yes daddy. Amber, if Sally starts to cramp I want you to help her. Massage her the babysitter porn comics tummy to help the water fill her bowel. Jim helped Sally get into position.

He lifted her right cheek and rubbed Vaseline around and into her anus and greased the enema nozzle. Sally, I m going to start the babysitter porn comics your enema now. Jim inserted the babysitter porn comics the nozzle the babysitter porn comics and began the flow. the babysitter porn comics As the water filled her, Sally did feel a warm comfort. This isn t going to be bad at all, she thought.
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Then the first cramp hit. I m slowing down the flow, Amber, will you rub Sally s tummy please? That feels better, thanks Amber. Jim resumed the flow. Amber, rub Sally s tummy continually I want to get this second quart into her. As Amber massaged Sally s tummy, Sally asked her to rub lower. That s where the bloating was. It felt like all the water was settling there. Lower yet please Sally pleaded. Amber was the babysitter porn comics rubbing so low on Sally s stomach that she was brushing against her the babysitter porn comics blonde pubic hair, still, Sally asked her to rub lower.

Amber thought I believe the babysitter porn comics she wants me to rub her pussy. Should I? Why not, if it makes her feel better? Amber slid her hand under Sally s pulled up leg and cupped her vaginal lips. the babysitter porn comics With two fingers she parted the lips and began to play with Sally s huge clitoris. Oh thank you Amber. I don t know the babysitter porn comics if it helps with the cramping but it sure takes my mind off the pain, please don t stop, Sally whispered. Just a few moments later, Sally began to quietly moan. Jim asked, Is the cramping too bad? We can rest if you like but there s just a little more to go?

No daddy, I m ok. the babysitter porn comics Amber is helping. Ok, we re done. Lie here the babysitter porn comics for just a minute then Amber can help you to the bathroom. I ll need to give you a second enema of just clear water to rinse out the soap we used in this one. After Jim left, Amber the babysitter porn comics helped Sally to the bathroom and took off her nightie. Sally, I m going to wait outside while you evacuate. Call me when you ve finished and I ll help you back to bed.
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After the splashing and gas noises had stopped Sally called to Amber for help. Ok the babysitter porn comics daddy, we re ready. Jim came back into the bedroom then walked to the bathroom and rinsed the babysitter porn comics and refilled the enema bag. Sally, for this one I want you on your knees with your chest resting on the bed. This one won t be nearly as painful.

It s only clear water. Ok, assume the position. With Sally in the the babysitter porn comics proper position, Jim spread her legs slightly and greased her rosebud. Inserting the nozzle, he started the flow. There was no cramping with this enema but Sally did feel like she was nine months pregnant with her distended tummy. Amber, please help Sally. Sally, when you finish you might like a warm bath and a nap. When you re feeling better come down to the the babysitter porn comics kitchen and I ll fix you some hot tea and toast to help the babysitter porn comics settle your stomach. Her friend was still sitting on the toilet when Amber went back into the bath.

Her long hair was damp and stringy and her long legs were splayed. Amber, I feel exhausted. Let me help you to my room Sally. I the babysitter porn comics ll run you a bath but I want to change the linens on this bed while you nap. Amber helped Sally the babysitter porn comics with her bath.
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It was nice and hot with just a little scented salts. When Sally was finished Amber helped her dry off with a big fluffy towel and walked her to the bed. the babysitter porn comics Sally, the babysitter porn comics would you like a massage, I have some really nice body lotion. Amber, you re a life the babysitter porn comics saver. I d love that. Ok, lie down on the babysitter porn comics your tummy and I ll get the lotion.

As Amber walked back to the bed the babysitter porn comics she gazed at Sally s long lithe body. Sally was 5 11 tall. A starting forward on the girl s high school basketball the babysitter porn comics team. She had a tight and muscled buttocks and powerful legs. She was beautiful. Amber the babysitter porn comics started the massage at Sally s shoulders and worked downward. She skipped over her bottom and did her legs, only then continuing to her fantastic ass. Her bottom was still bruised and red from yesterday s spanking and Amber was gentle.
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Then she spread Sally s the babysitter porn comics legs so she could reach her inner thighs. As she moved up Sally s thighs, she brushed against her lower lips. Sally pushed back the babysitter porn comics against Amber s hand. Amber, would you please? begged Sally. Yes, I want it, too let me finish your massage. Roll over. As Sally lay on her back, Amber saw that she had small firm breasts with rather large nipples. Her blonde pubic hair was neatly trimmed but not shaved. Amber had never really thought about sex with another girl but, God she was the babysitter porn comics attracted to Sally.
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As Amber rubbed the lotion over Sally s breasts she the babysitter porn comics couldn t resist. She bent down and took a nipple into her mouth and sucked, then the other. Sally the babysitter porn comics s the babysitter porn comics breathing started to become ragged so Amber stopped. She didn t the babysitter porn comics want the babysitter porn comics Sally too excited yet, she had other plans. Amber completed the massage, rubbing lotion into Sally s stomach, legs and feet. With just a small amount of lotion still on her hand, she reached between Sally s legs and the babysitter porn comics cupped her sex.

Is this what the babysitter porn comics you the babysitter porn comics wanted Sally? Responding to Sally s blushing nod, Amber answered good, because I want it, too. Positioning herself between Sally s parted legs Amber began to masturbate her the babysitter porn comics engorged clitoris. It was big as her little finger. Nothing at all like her own sensitive button. Amber pulled her hand away and put her fingers to her mouth. The scent and taste were like ambrosia. She wanted more. Amber was not going to finger Sally. She the babysitter porn comics would still be too sore after having just lost her virginity last night, but she was going to taste her.

Dropping her head to Sally s crotch, Amber tongued her sex from anus to the babysitter porn comics clit. the babysitter porn comics She tickled her the babysitter porn comics rosebud with the tip of her tongue then lapped between her inner lips finally, she took her clit between her the babysitter porn comics lips and sucked. Sally almost immediately began bucking as intense orgasms washed over her. She held a pillow over her mouth. Sally was a screamer and didn t want daddy to hear. Amber got up and sat on the side of the bed. She bent down and gently kissed Sally.

God Amber, that was the babysitter porn comics wonderful. I want to do it the babysitter porn comics to you. Can I? You sure can, but not now. I wanted to help you relax.

Now take a nap. I want you awake, rested and feeling well for tonight. Remember, daddy is going to take my anal virginity and I want you to watch. Sweet Dreams. As Sally dozed Amber straightened out daddy s bedroom ad changed the sheets then walked to the kitchen the babysitter porn comics for a cup of coffee. Amber, please sit over diagram of the throat here with me, I want to ask you a few questions. Honey, do you know where Sally got he vodka and marijuana you two had Thursday night?
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Daddy, she took the babysitter porn comics the vodka from home and she bought the joints from her teammate, the babysitter porn comics Chantell Brown. Amber, tell me about this Chantell Brown, what do you know about her? Daddy, I the babysitter porn comics don t really know Chantell, only just the babysitter porn comics to see her in school. You need to talk to Sally the babysitter porn comics when she gets up. It was nearly two hours before Sally came into the kitchen. She d showered and pulled her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. God, Jim thought, she s looks great.

How are you feeling, beautiful? Sally blushed a little at the compliment. the babysitter porn comics Daddy, I feel much better just the babysitter porn comics hungry. I think I want more than tea and toast. I can do that.
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How do ham sandwiches and potato salad sound? It s the babysitter porn comics lunch time. Sure, that sounds like it would hit the spot. What would you like to drink we the babysitter porn comics ve got Coke the babysitter porn comics or iced tea? Make mine a Coke, please. Amber, would you pour a Coke for Sally and tea for me. Get yourself whatever the babysitter porn comics you like and join us. After finishing lunch, Jim asked Amber and Sally to the babysitter porn comics remain at the table. He wanted to hear more about Chantell Brown.
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Sally, tell me what you know about Chantell Amber told me that you got the marijuana from her. Well Daddy, Chantell is the starting point guard on the team she s really good. She ll get a full ride athletic scholarship if she can get her grades up just a little. Chantell is Black and seems to know where to get a joint. I don t think she smokes, at least not a lot, but if someone asks, she the babysitter porn comics always comes through. I think Chantell is a good the babysitter porn comics girl I like her as a teammate and as a person. I think she only sells marijuana for a little pocket money.

She doesn t sell any quantity, just a joint or two now and again. Well Sally, what do you think? She sold you the joints I think she the babysitter porn comics deserves the same thing you girls got. Can you invite her over for supper, tonight, I d like to talk the babysitter porn comics to her. If she hesitates, tell her that the babysitter porn comics I m thinking about going to the police but the babysitter porn comics that I want to talk to her first. Ok, Daddy, I ll make the the babysitter porn comics call. I ll have the babysitter porn comics to kick her up, though, she doesn t have the babysitter porn comics a car. Is 5 30 ok? the babysitter porn comics That s when I told her I d be there?
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5 30 s fine. That gives us plenty of time to do what we had planned for the babysitter porn comics today. When do you girls want to get started? Daddy, I want to take a shower and freshen up first. Let s meet in your room in thirty minutes. Amber replied. Ok Amber that will give me a few minutes to the babysitter porn comics prepare. Sally, do you want to come with me or go with Amber?
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Daddy, I think I the babysitter porn comics ll help Amber she may need a little support. Amber was still in the shower when Sally entered the room. She was using a body wash that smelled of apricots. Sally took off her clothes and put on a robe she knew she d become aroused while she the babysitter porn comics watched she wanted easy access to herself. Sally, I m the babysitter porn comics so the babysitter porn comics nervous I can t even think what I want to wear. Do you have a set of baby doll pajamas? I the babysitter porn comics think that the babysitter porn comics would be perfect.

Let him undress you no panties, just your baby dolls. Sally, I like your the babysitter porn comics idea let s do that, but the babysitter porn comics I think I ll take a light robe like you re wearing for after. Sally, please tell me the babysitter porn comics what it felt like. I watched you but I couldn t feel you sounded like you were in pain. Amber, I won t lie to the babysitter porn comics you, when he pushed into me I thought I was going to split but then it started the babysitter porn comics to feel good. By the time we the babysitter porn comics d finished I felt an incredible fullness the babysitter porn comics but I enjoyed it you ll be ok. After dressing in her pink the babysitter porn comics baby the babysitter porn comics doll pajamas Amber was so nervous she thought she was going to pee her panties. She didn t really have to go, it was just nerves. the babysitter porn comics Sally took her hand and walked with her to Daddy s room Jim was already there.
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He d dimmed the lights and put the tube of lubricant on his night stand. As the girls entered the room he was surprised to see Amber in her baby dolls she looked almost like a, well like a little girl. He was immediately aroused stiffening in his boxer the babysitter porn comics shorts. Sally led Amber to the the babysitter porn comics bed she gave her hand a squeeze, took Amber the babysitter porn comics s robe and went to sit in Daddy s large chair. Jim hugged Amber and gave her a deep kiss. He d decided he wanted the babysitter porn comics to make long and sensuous love to his daughter.

Breaking their embrace, Jim lowered Amber to the bed them climbed in beside her where he again embraced his sweet child and kissed her. She felt the babysitter porn comics tense Jim needed to help her to relax. He began caressing Amber s small breasts through her pajama top while he continued to hold and kiss her. He raised her top and massages each breast then gently squeezed and rolled her nipples with his fingers. Slowly he raised her top and lifted it over her head. As he sucked her nipples he felt her relax her the babysitter porn comics breathing steadied. Continuing the the babysitter porn comics attention to her breasts, he reached down, palmed her bottom and pulled her toward him. She pressed her the babysitter porn comics pelvis against his she was almost ready.
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Cupping her vaginal lips through her baby doll bottoms he could feel her wetness. Jim slipped out of his boxers and directed the babysitter porn comics Amber s hand to his stiff rod. He wanted her to feel him while he took off her pj the babysitter porn comics bottoms. As her bottoms came off he saw that she was completely shaved. Just two days earlier she s had hair. Jim thought she s done this just for me. He loved her even more.
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Slipping his hand between Amber s legs he spread her lips and began pumping one finger into her. As she got wetter he pushed in a second the babysitter porn comics finger and probed deeply. He massaged her G spot while he used his thump to stimulate her clitoris. Amber began to moan as her body quivered. She clamped her legs together holding Jim s hand in place while she squirted forth an enormous the babysitter porn comics orgasm yes, Amber really did squirt, the bed was soaked but no one the babysitter porn comics really cared. As Amber on his hand, Jim spread her legs widely he wanted to taste her. Jim placed Amber s legs over his shoulders and began lapping her swampy sex her climax had soaked her. Using his tongue, Jim cleaned her. He elevated her the babysitter porn comics legs providing better the babysitter porn comics access to her back door. He paid special attention here he was going to invade her later.

He wanted to educate her that this was an erogenous zone where she could take pleasure. Jim circled the babysitter porn comics her rosebud with his tongue then pressed the tip into her. Amber enjoyed the feeling not as much as attention to her clit, but this did feel nice. Jim slipped the babysitter porn comics a finger deeply into her anus as he licked back up Amber s slit til he found her clit. He alternated between circling it with his tongue and the babysitter porn comics sucking on it with his lips. He could feel the babysitter porn comics her climax building.

She exploded soaking Jim s face, as orgasm the babysitter porn comics after orgasm rippled her the babysitter porn comics tummy muscles. Jim continued to suck on her little love button until her excitement subsided. Jim thought it s nearly time I need to help her get ready. the babysitter porn comics Jim slid to Amber s side and rolled her onto her tummy. What are you doing Daddy? the babysitter porn comics That felt so good, why did you put me on my tummy?
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Amber, honey, I the babysitter porn comics want you in a different position tonight. Please get up on your knees and place your chest on the bed like Sally did last night for her the babysitter porn comics second enema. Daddy, you re not going to give me an enema are you? I don t need one. No honey, but it will give me better access to you I think you ll enjoy it. As Amber got into position Jim spread her legs a little further and mounted her from behind. Jim slowly pressed forward into her pussy. Amber had only been fucked twice and she was incredibly tight. Jim wanted her to have one more orgasm but the babysitter porn comics he didn t want to cum himself he was saving his load for her sweet, tight ass. While he stroked into her he began to massage her clitoris the babysitter porn comics with her slender body it was an easy reach.

Rubbing harder the babysitter porn comics and faster he quickly brought her off. Amber collapsed the babysitter porn comics onto her tummy as she the babysitter porn comics finished. Jim gripped her hips and lifted Come on honey, get back in position, it the babysitter porn comics s time now. Daddy, I m so scared. You re so big I m afraid you ll hurt me. the babysitter porn comics I m not sure I want to do this. Baby I ll be as gentle as I can, but you owe it to Sally. You got to watch her last night and now it the babysitter porn comics s her the babysitter porn comics turn. Lift your hips back up and I ll get the babysitter porn comics you ready.

Reluctantly, Amber elevated her bottom, positioning herself. Sally would you please bring the babysitter porn comics me the lubricant there on the night stand. She brought the tube to Jim and the babysitter porn comics handed the babysitter porn comics it to him. She continued to stand by the bed staring at Amber s most private the babysitter porn comics places. Jim squeezed a the babysitter porn comics little jelly onto his fingers and rubbed Amber s rosebud. He gently pressed one finger in and pumped her slowly. the babysitter porn comics Jim could feel the babysitter porn comics her tension she was gripping his finger tightly. He removed his finger and added more lube. He squeezed a dollop directly on the babysitter porn comics her anus and worked it in. As he continued to gently stimulate the babysitter porn comics her he pressed in a second finger.

He felt her tightening again. He spread his fingers to open her up then squeezed more jelly directly into her the babysitter porn comics open ass hole. He pumped both fingers deeply into her, as far as he could go. After a few strokes, he felt that she was ready. Jim pulled his fingers out and squeezed some KY onto his cock. He stroked himself several times to spread the lube and placed his tip against her hole. Sally would you put a pillow under Amber s face, the babysitter porn comics I want her as comfortable as possible. Jim really wanted her to have the pillow the babysitter porn comics to cry on. He the babysitter porn comics expected some the babysitter porn comics tears in just a few moments.
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Sally placed the pillow under Amber s head then returned to the bedside. She wanted to see and hear all of this. Jim pressed forward. the babysitter porn comics With just half of his head in, Amber moaned in pain. Daddy, please stop, it hurts so badly. No honey, we re going to do this. At that Jim pressed himself forward. As his head popped in Amber again pleaded with him to stop. He didn t like hurting his little girl but he was going see this through. He pushed forward hard the babysitter porn comics half of his 81/2 inch cock was now buried in his daughter s tight the babysitter porn comics ass.
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As he entered her Amber began to cry and wail. Please, please stop Daddy I m your good girl, why are you doing this to me, why won t you stop. Oh, oh, pleas take it out of her, you re splitting me in half. the babysitter porn comics Jim s resolve almost the babysitter porn comics slipped but he was going the babysitter porn comics to the babysitter porn comics finish what he d started. the babysitter porn comics He reached forward and grasped Amber s hips pulling her back onto his shaft while he thrust forward impaling her completely on his rigid hardness. God she was tight. Jim began to slowly pump her. Amber wasn t pleading anymore.
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His deep thrust into the very depth of her bowels had quieted her screams. Now, with her face buried the babysitter porn comics in the pillow she could only moan and sob, crying her eyes out. Jim thought as he pumped her that she would eventually begin to get pleasure but that wasn t happening. She just continued to sob. Jim picked up his pace, he needed to finish. He the babysitter porn comics stroked her hard and deep. It didn t take long before he exploded, filing her bowels with the babysitter porn comics his hot cum. He softened and slipped out. He d forgotten all about her, Sally was still standing beside the bed the babysitter porn comics with a glazed look in her eyes.
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He walked to the head the babysitter porn comics of the bed. Amber had collapsed when he had pulled out and the babysitter porn comics lay the babysitter porn comics sobbing into her pillow. He brushed the hair the babysitter porn comics from her face and leaned to kiss her cheek. Daddy, please leave me alone for a little while, you hurt me badly the babysitter porn comics and my tummy the babysitter porn comics feels queasy. I ll be ok the babysitter porn comics in a little while. Jim went the babysitter porn comics to the bathroom, cleaned himself then left the room. Sally went to the bathroom and got a warm, damp the babysitter porn comics cloth. Amber, let me help.

Sally wiped Amber s face then cleaned up her bottom where lube and cum were leaking out. Come on Amber, let me help you up. Let s go to your room. It was evident Amber was in distress she could hardly walk without Sally s support. Sally lowered Amber to her bed then went to draw her bath. As Amber had done for her, she added a handful of scented bath salts. After assisting Amber to get in the tub, Sally washed her she then the babysitter porn comics dried her with a large fluffy towel. Amber, I d like to give you a massage like you gave me, just like you gave the babysitter porn comics me, can I? Sally, I think I d really like that, I think it would the babysitter porn comics make me feel good I really hurt right now. Great girlfriend, where s that lotion.

Sally got the lotion and returned to the bed. the babysitter porn comics Amber was already lying on her tummy. Sally stared in amazement her friend was so small and so pretty. Only 5 2 tall and 110 pounds Amber could be termed petite. Sally remembered when she was envious of these small cute girls, then she d discovered basketball. Her 5 11 frame along with a good jump shot were going to pay for her college education.
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Enough of that, she had to help her friend. Sally jumped on the babysitter porn comics the bed and poured lotion on Amber s back. Damn, that s cold. Couldn t you have warmed with your hands, Amber complained. Oh hush, you the babysitter porn comics re going to enjoy this.
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As Sally began to rub the lotion in Amber asked, Why did Daddy hurt me so the babysitter porn comics much? Amber, I don t think he meant to do you harm. I think that since he d done the same to me last night the babysitter porn comics that, first since you got to watch me take it that I deserved to see you lose your anal virginity and that second, like the babysitter porn comics that you, like me, would begin to enjoy the babysitter porn comics it. So the babysitter porn comics tell me how you could enjoy something like this. To me it hurt even more than the spanking he gave me and I couldn t believe that was possible. Girlfriend, let me tell the babysitter porn comics you, I m anal erotic I ve known that the babysitter porn comics for years. Hell, I damn near climax just from wiping myself.
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Amber, that was a joke, quit the babysitter porn comics scowling. Then, maybe it s because I m so much bigger than you. I m bigger that you everywhere else maybe I m bigger than you down there, too. I guess that makes sense now get to work and do my butt and legs. Sally applied the lotion to Amber s legs then the babysitter porn comics moved the babysitter porn comics to her bottom. There was still some redness and bruising from her spanking but it didn t seem that it was the babysitter porn comics still painful. She spread her cheeks her anus was red, swollen and fully the babysitter porn comics distended. She was so open Sally could almost look into her body. Sally even rubbed a dab of lotion back there.

Why don t you roll over so I can get your front? On her back Amber looked like a the babysitter porn comics young girl. With her A the babysitter porn comics cup breasts, small frame and shaven pubis one would have never guessed that she the babysitter porn comics was nearly eighteen. Amber, I m going to be a little quick here, I see what I want and I m getting wet just looking, do you mind. No, honestly that s what I want, too. Do my breasts the babysitter porn comics and skip the rest what I really want is one more orgasm. After massaging lotion onto each of Amber s breasts and giving each a perfunctory suck, Sally opened Amber s thighs and dove in.
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She licked along Amber the babysitter porn comics s inner lips then stuck her tongue deeply into her vagina. the babysitter porn comics She searched for Amber s clit but it wasn t there. She was looking for a finger length organ like her own but she only found a button like bump. Taking it between her lips she sucked. Amber lit up like a Christmas tree not like hers but the effect was the same. Amber climaxed hard. Now Sally knew what a squirter was the bed and her face were soaked. God that was great, thanks Sally. It was my pleasure by the way, you taste fantastic. But we better get dressed it s 4 30 and we need to pick Chantell up in an hour.
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I want you to go with me. I m really looking forward to this. Do you think Daddy can get her to drop her panties for a spanking? Sally, I don the babysitter porn comics t know the babysitter porn comics Chantell but I can tell you Daddy can be awfully persuasive I want to see it, too. After Amber and Sally left Jim was in a bit the babysitter porn comics of a tizzy. He needed to get supper prepared but he needed a few minutes to plan the evening. First things first supper.
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Jim decided to go simple. He microwaved some spaghetti sauce that he d frozen and filled his pasta cooker with water. After the babysitter porn comics setting some frozen garlic bread out he fixed a green tossed the babysitter porn comics salad dressed with Dijon vinaigrette. Although he d opened a bottle of Chianti to go with the meal he poured himself a glass the babysitter porn comics of Chardonnay and sat down to think. Chantell seemed like she was going to he a hardcase. He really didn t want to involve in her the babysitter porn comics marijuana sales but he did want her to receive the same punishment he d inflicted on the other girls. He decided to play it by ear. A few minutes later he heard a car in the driveway the girls were back. When Amber and Sally arrived at Chantell s house they d suggested that she pack a few things they wanted her to stay the night the babysitter porn comics with them. Let your Nana know you the babysitter porn comics may not come home tonight.

Tell her you ll call her later when you the babysitter porn comics re sure, Sally said. Chantell resisted the suggestion but the babysitter porn comics Sally insisted. She didn t want Chantell coming home if the babysitter porn comics she agreed to be spanked she d be too sore! Finally agreeing, Chantell packed a few personal the babysitter porn comics things along with a nightie and fre lasben sexa change of panties.
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Both girls thought she probably won t need those panties but said nothing about that to Chantell. Arriving back at the Davis residence Amber and Sally said, Hi Daddy. this the babysitter porn comics is the babysitter porn comics Chantell Amber said, Chantell, this is my Daddy, Jim Davis. Chantell said not a word she just stood unsmilingly between the two girls holding her small bag. Nice to meet you Chantell, why don t you young ladies go to Amber s room and get washed up for supper.

As the girls left, Jim laid out supper with wine for everyone. In the bedroom Chantell asked, What s the deal here? Amber answered, We ll eat then we ll talk, simple as that. After they had finished their meal Amber and Sally cleared the the babysitter porn comics table. Jim had the babysitter porn comics asked Chantell to stay with him. Chantell I ll tell you what I know about the babysitter porn comics you. You re Black, you re very pretty with your long raven hair and hazel eyes, you play basketball and you sell marijuana. Do you want the babysitter porn comics Amber and Sally here while we have our conversation? No, I don t think so. I ll talk to you about some things but they don t need the babysitter porn comics to know all about the babysitter porn comics my business.
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Fine Chantell. Sally and Amber, when you the babysitter porn comics ve finished why not watch some TV or something so Chantell and I can the babysitter porn comics have a private talk. Ok Chantell I ve told you what I the babysitter porn comics know how about you telling me about yourself. the babysitter porn comics Mr. Davis what difference does it make, you re just going to report me to the cops.
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No Chantell that s the babysitter porn comics not what I really want to the babysitter porn comics do that why I wanted this talk. Ok what do you want to know? Chantell, just tell me about you. Well for the babysitter porn comics starters my name is Chantell but all my friends call me Twitchy cause I can get my jump shot with just a twitch. You want to call me Twitchy Mr. Davis? I m not we ll be friends, let s the babysitter porn comics see how the babysitter porn comics the evening goes. For now I ll stick with Chantell now tell me about yourself. Ok I m eighteen years the babysitter porn comics old and a senior in the babysitter porn comics high school. I the babysitter porn comics m 5 8 tall, weigh the babysitter porn comics 138 pounds and wear a the babysitter porn comics C cup.

Anything else you need? Yes there s a lot more the babysitter porn comics that I need. You gave me your vital statistics but told the babysitter porn comics me nothing about you as a person. Talk to me change my mind about the police. Mr.

Davis I don the babysitter porn comics t want the police involved, I might get a college the babysitter porn comics scholarship for my basketball but a police record would totally screw that up. I want to be honest the babysitter porn comics with you but only if you agree that what s said here stays here. If you agree, I ll talk to you. What do you say? Yes Chantell I ll agree to that now tell me why you re a girl worth saving.
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Mr. Davis the babysitter porn comics we live in a nice the babysitter porn comics house just a few blocks from here, my Nana and me, but it wasn t always like that. My Nana is the babysitter porn comics my great-grandmother and she s 78 years old. We use to live on the the babysitter porn comics other side of town in a rough neighborhood. When I was twelve my father was killed in a drive-by shooting. the babysitter porn comics Just a few the babysitter porn comics months later my mother disappeared. She was addicted to drugs and we never knew if she just ran off the babysitter porn comics or worse.

When my father died I called him Daddy by the way, we didn t know what we the babysitter porn comics were going to do. He had the babysitter porn comics a pretty good job and provided all the money. It turned out that he d taken out the babysitter porn comics a $100,000 the babysitter porn comics life insurance policy that paid double since his death was ruled to the babysitter porn comics be accidental. Fortunately, he d made Nana the beneficiary. After my mother disappeared Nana bought our house. She paid $150,000 cash and put the rest, she says for a rainy day. Chantell tell me about your parents. What s to tell, I was the babysitter porn comics never close to my the babysitter porn comics mother, I blamed her for some of the things that happened to me. She could have stopped it but that would the babysitter porn comics have been the babysitter porn comics the end of her gravy train.
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I loved my Daddy but he hurt me. Chantell you said your mother could have stopped things but didn t then you said your Daddy hurt you. Did he molest you? Remember your promise? Not the babysitter porn comics a word to anyone.
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Chantell you can trust me to keep my word, go on. Mr. Davis, molest is not a strong enough word. My Daddy hurt me for seven years. He broke my cherry with his finger when I was only five. He tried but he couldn t get into me then. But he kept after me, fingering me, licking me and making me lick and such his thing, when I was only seven he split me open, God did that ever the babysitter porn comics hurt.

He even tried my booty but I was too tight. He hurt me there but he never got in. When he got shot I was only twelve and I was so conflicted. You see, I the babysitter porn comics loved my Daddy but he d hurt me so badly. He d messed me up down there so much I can t have kids.
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After the babysitter porn comics we moved out here things got better. No body has hurt me, we live in a nice house and I ve got my basketball. Chantell you ve had a rough life and you have my sympathy but you still haven t told me why you sell drugs, why do you? Mr. Davis, the babysitter porn comics truthfully I don t sell all that much but it s for pocket money for clothes, DVD s the babysitter porn comics and so on, that s it. I thought you the babysitter porn comics said your Nana had some money, doesn t she help?
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Like I said, that s rainy day money, it s for my college. Nana says clothes and such ain t no rainy day. Chantell you mentioned a scholarship tell me about that. My grade point average has to be the babysitter porn comics 2. the babysitter porn comics 0 to qualify and mine s 1. 8. If I work the babysitter porn comics hard maybe I can get it up, but I don t know. If I can t the money Nana the babysitter porn comics has is for me to go to State. If I go to State she won t have enough the babysitter porn comics to buy me a car.
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I can go to the community college and she can buy the babysitter porn comics the car but I want to play major college ball. I just don t know what to do. I want to go to State and major in social services. Like I said I can t have children but I love kids. I the babysitter porn comics want to work for the Department of Children and Family Services. At that Chantell abruptly the babysitter porn comics stopped talking, crossing her arms the babysitter porn comics under her breasts and assuming a defensive posture. Jim thought for a moment, he empathized with her regarding her early life but she seemed materialistic and self centered. Maybe he could shake her up a little.

Chantell let me tell you what I ve heard you say. I m sorry the babysitter porn comics about what happened when you were young but that was a long time ago. I m sure intervention to break the cycle and counseling would have been in order but the babysitter porn comics that s past. You have to live your life in the present and here are the choices you seem to have made. First, you sell marijuana so you can buy things, nice things I the babysitter porn comics m sure, but things you could do without second you want to play major college basketball but you haven t the babysitter porn comics put forth the effort to raise your GPA a mere 2/10ths of a percent and finally your dream is to work in social services but, again, you don t have the GPA to get the necessary education to qualify. Chantell, I think you re all talk and no action I think you ll end up the babysitter porn comics wasting the babysitter porn comics your Nana s money, drop out and end up selling drugs. You have choices what are you going to choose? Chantell was taken aback by Jim s words.
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She wanted to scream at the babysitter porn comics him, hell, she wanted to hit him. But Jim the babysitter porn comics went on, Chantell, correct me if I m wrong. You want to get your GPA up and qualify for a scholarship, you want to play major college basketball and you want the babysitter porn comics to be a the babysitter porn comics social worker when you graduate, is that the babysitter porn comics right? Still in a defensive posture Chantell growled, Yeah, that s right. Chantell, if you re willing to work for what you want maybe I can help. Oh, good Mr. Davis, said Chantell sarcastically, how you going to do that? Chantell let me ask the babysitter porn comics you, can you clean a house? Sure, Nana says I m neat as a pin, what s that got to do with anything?

Well, I was thinking, Amber and Sally are excellent students they the babysitter porn comics could tutor you to help get your GPA up. Ok but still what s that got to do with cleaning a house? Chantell, my idea is that you come over after the babysitter porn comics school on Fridays. the babysitter porn comics The girls can work with you on your studies then on Saturdays you can clean this house for which I ll pay you $100 a week. Saturday the babysitter porn comics evenings more tutoring or, if you re caught up on your studies some recreation. Sunday the babysitter porn comics morning we the babysitter porn comics d drive you home. With the $100 a week you wouldn t need to sell marijuana, what the babysitter porn comics do the babysitter porn comics you say? Mr.
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Davis that sounds real good but what the babysitter porn comics s the catch? Chantell I think you know what the catch is. I ve punished Amber and Sally for using the marijuana you sold them. If you ll accept the same punishment they received we ve got a deal. Mr. Davis the babysitter porn comics if the babysitter porn comics I agree when s this going to happen?

When the babysitter porn comics we finish this conversation. Chantell thought about Jim s offer, she didn t really didn t want to get her ass beaten but she knew she could take it, she was tough. It would solve a lot of the babysitter porn comics her problems. Ok Mr. Davis, I ll agree. Chantell let me set some rules, first I expect the babysitter porn comics you to follow through on our agreement and work hard on your studies and secondly Amber and Sally will be in the room to witness your spanking, they were both spanked for using the the babysitter porn comics substance you sold them so I think it s only fair that they watch.

Ok the babysitter porn comics Mr. Davis, let s get it over with. Amber, Sally, please come here. Chantell has agreed to a spanking and you two are to be witnesses. Please show Chantell to your bedroom and help her get ready. Chantell, go with Amber to her room and take off your panties. While Jim was getting his antique ivory hairbrush Sally and Amber took Chantell to Amber s room. Chantell, you won t feel like going home tonight, why don t you call your Nana. The call the babysitter porn comics made, Chantell turned back to the girls. Chantell, he s going to beat the hell out of you.
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You ll be squirming and crying before he s done. I d suggest you take off everything including your bra. You won t want that binding while you re writhing. Chantell stepped out of her shoes and, standing barefoot, removed her t-shirt the babysitter porn comics and bra, then she pulled the t-shirt back on. Come on take off your shorts and panties, he ll be in here in just a minute. Amber, I ll take the spanking but if he wants my ass bare he s going to have to take off my shorts and panties himself. Damned if I m going to help him.
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When Jim walked into the room Amber and Sally were sitting on chairs waiting. Chantell stood across the room, arms crossed and scowling. Jim asked, Chantell the babysitter porn comics why aren t you ready? Are you backing out? No Mr.

Davis, I m not backing out but if you want my the babysitter porn comics big ass bare you re going to have to strip me yourself. God the babysitter porn comics Jim thought, this is one tough gal. Ok Chantell, we ll do it your way. Seating himself on the bed he said, Chantell come over the babysitter porn comics and stand in front of the babysitter porn comics me. Chantell walked over and stood just a foot from Jim her hands at her sides. Jim reached forward and pulled her purple velveteen basketball shorts down. They dropped and pooled at her ankles. Chantell please step out of those.
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As she the babysitter porn comics stepped out of her shorts her legs opened slightly. Jim noticed that the gusset of her panties was wet. He thought for the babysitter porn comics a moment that she was aroused the babysitter porn comics but then he caught the scent. The moisture wasn t arousal, it was urine. Jim the babysitter porn comics realized that Chantell was so terrified by the babysitter porn comics what was the babysitter porn comics about the babysitter porn comics to happen that she s lost bladder control and had the babysitter porn comics leaked pee into her panties.
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He couldn t believe she could stand so stoically in front of him and be so scared. Nonetheless, he tugged her pale lavender panties down and dropped them to her feet. Chantell please step out of your panties and come stand on my right side. With no change in expression Chantell complied. Chantell have the babysitter porn comics you the babysitter porn comics ever been spanked before? Lots of times by my Daddy when I was the babysitter porn comics little but Nana don t spank me. Ok Chantell, here s what s happen. I m going the babysitter porn comics to ask you to lie across my lap. I ll spank you with my hand and then with this hairbrush. I ll decide when the babysitter porn comics the spanking is over.

Do you understand? Yes Mr. Davis. Alright, bend over my lap. Chantell didn t move. Jim thought,, this is just like the babysitter porn comics her shorts and the babysitter porn comics panties, she ll take the spanking but won t help. Jim encircled her hips with the babysitter porn comics his right arm and with his left hand he pushed her over his thigh.

After jostling her a little to get her into a better position, Jim took a moment to look Chantell over. He thought, Amber and even Sally the babysitter porn comics were really still girls, this was a woman. He could see her full breasts, her nipples pushing against her t-shirt the babysitter porn comics on his left. the babysitter porn comics Before him, on his lap, the babysitter porn comics Chantell had wide hips and a high tight bottom. He thought, I m going to enjoy breaking this one.

He began to spank. Like Amber and Sally he gave the babysitter porn comics her twenty on each sit spot, then twenty, twenty low and twenty on the babysitter porn comics each thigh. Chantell hadn t made a sound or the babysitter porn comics moved an inch. Jim thought to himself, I m really going to have to lay the hairbrush on if I m going to make an impression on this girl maybe I the babysitter porn comics need to up the pace a little. Picking up the babysitter porn comics the hairbrush he put thirty of his best on each sit spot. Jim had hit her so hard that he d scooted her forward again Chantell made not a sound but only scooted herself back a little, repositioning herself properly for the rest of her punishment. Thirty more on her high proud bottom, then thirty low on the bottom of her ass, followed by thirty on each thigh.

Jim didn t even ask for her to do it. He simply pulled her leg on the bed spreading her open. Jim noticed she was wetter but the aroma let him know it was only more urine. He was literally beating the piss out of her and she hadn t made a sound. the babysitt
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He was First Sergeant of the 509th Missile Squadron now. He was at the heart of the command structure on fijian clothes for girls base. That fijian clothes for girls had meant that I was on my P s and Q s fijian clothes for girls for the past fijian clothes for girls three years, mostly. We were fijian clothes for girls part of the political structure on base. Betty has remained a good friend, though with the lesson of Sharon I had learned to take her judgments in stride, though not to heart. Perception so often becomes reality even when it isn t.

So fijian clothes for girls she was a good pulse of what other s perceived. I used that to let Jacob know what was going around base. He used the information to his advantage. We were quite the power couple really. Jake was attending UNC in North Carolina, so I only got to see him on holidays fijian clothes for girls and visits back to the fijian clothes for girls Old fijian clothes for girls North State of my youth. Melissa was at Duke on an academic scholarship, now in her third year there.

She was working on a degree in Microbiology. Katy had graduated at University of Munich and elected to work in Germany for a few years. We had been lucky enough for us all to fijian clothes for girls meet at my mother s house in Raleigh for Christmas last year. (1984) The boys, Monty and Robert both were in second and first grade respectively. Sheila had stayed with us after her parents break up until this past summer when fijian clothes for girls she finally went on to college, at my cajoling, fijian clothes for girls and our expense. She stayed close and was at University of Missouri. She was home most weekends. She had become a daughter de facto. (Yes, we still managed to fijian clothes for girls share a bed from time to time. ) Jacob and I were settled in fijian clothes for girls with all the older kids and Sheila gone.

fijian clothes for girls The boys kept me busy. Jacob was moving toward his fijian clothes for girls retirement. I was still a little non plussed at being middle aged. I still turned heads, but I missed Jake and was glad for the stolen moments with Shelia. I wasn t a lesbian at heart but I did love fucking Shelia. She had turned into quite the dynamo fijian clothes for girls in bed. But this past month she had brought home a girlfriend and I knew our time together was winding down. (Jacob was clueless about the situation with her.
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But the noise coming from the bedroom fijian clothes for girls at night was unmistakable to my ear. fijian clothes for girls ) Jacob fijian clothes for girls was as always an attentive lover. In fijian clothes for girls my heart and my body I could feel the sexual peak of my days slipping away. It fijian clothes for girls scared me. Sex is not only romance for a woman. It is part of her power and I could feel mine slipping away. Melissa wrote that she had met a boy in school.

That was nice. fijian clothes for girls He sounded like a good fellow. She wanted to move in with him, but she knew how her father and I felt about that. Still, with her so far away I didn t harbor any illusions. Jacob did. I didn t. Jake would write me letters and in them he fijian clothes for girls would slip me a coded message of love and fijian clothes for girls lust from time to time.
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But he was dating a girl fijian clothes for girls named Kara and wanted to bring her home this fijian clothes for girls summer to meet us. I knew what that meant. I have to admit that while my fijian clothes for girls head was always telling me it would happen one fijian clothes for girls day, my heart was broken at the prospect. I was no fool. I nursed my heartache on my fijian clothes for girls own. Jacob and no one else fijian clothes for girls for that matter ever knew of my feelings in this. Summer fijian clothes for girls was upon us and Jake with his new girlfriend Kara was due here in a week. I cleaned the house furiously. Soon it looked like it could pass military inspection.

I prepared the two rooms that fijian clothes for girls had been fijian clothes for girls Melissa fijian clothes for girls s then Shelia s, and Jake s old room for guests. The boys remained in bunk beds across from mine and Jacob s room. Thank the Lord that a CMSGT was allotted a four bedroom billet. The day fijian clothes for girls arrived and we drove fijian clothes for girls to Kansas City to pick Jake and Kara up. I had let Sheila know Jake was coming and she fijian clothes for girls was planning on coming down for the weekend to see him. When he stepped into fijian clothes for girls the concourse my heart leapt. He ran to us and hugged both me and Jacob to fijian clothes for girls him.

A beautiful young blond girl about 5 6 came up behind him. I could see at once why Jake was taken with her. Blond, brown eyes, a quick fijian clothes for girls smile, and a curvy shape with at least C cup breasts, maybe a 34 C. She smelled like Gardenias. I liked her at once. Mom, Dad, this is Kara Richards. Jake introduced her.

Welcome to Missouri darling. I said, my southern roots showing in the darling. I hugged her, the girl hug, and her breasts rubbed against mine. I thought of Sheila and how she liked to play with my breasts. Thank you fijian clothes for girls for letting us come out, ma am. She fijian clothes for girls was perfect for him. fijian clothes for girls Always the reserved fijian clothes for girls senior NCO Jacob smiled warmly at fijian clothes for girls her and offered a handshake.

Welcome to our home Kara. He said kindly. Jake took her by the hand and guided her through the air port to the baggage claim area. We collected the luggage. Jacob went ahead to retrieve the car and pick us all up at the curb out front. The boys hung on Jake and laughed with him fijian clothes for girls as he played. fijian clothes for girls He really does love his boys. For a moment I fijian clothes for girls was in the zone where only he and I exist. It was only for a moment.
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Mrs. Bodiford, I am looking forward to staying with ya ll. I do love our southern accent. It is so civilized and refined. fijian clothes for girls Yankees have no idea. They have their own charms, don t get me wrong. But to hear a southern accent and think the speaker is uneducated is to underestimate a person at your own peril. There is fijian clothes for girls a lot that goes into teaching a southerner about society. Racism was on its way out thank fijian clothes for girls the Lord. But not all things southern were bad.
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Kara's genteel way spoke well of her upbringing. fijian clothes for girls Her easy manner was comforting. Temperamentally she and Jake were almost the same. So, mom, dad, I was thinking of taking next semester fijian clothes for girls off and going to Greece with Kara. She is studying archeology and bagged a spot on the Troy dig. Jake said. Sounds kind of exciting doesn t it Jacob? I envied the fijian clothes for girls prospect of fijian clothes for girls being in a foreign country with Jake, so close to where it all began for us. Will you be able to come back to your own studies later? Jacob asked, ignoring my remark.
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Yes sir. I have fijian clothes for girls it all planned. I fijian clothes for girls can show fijian clothes for girls you when we get to fijian clothes for girls the house. Jake held Kara s hand a little tighter. I promise sir, if I let him come with me, I will make him finish school.
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I don t date bobble heads. She giggled. Right then and there she won Jacob s heart. Sounds like a fine sensible girl you got there, son. Jacob smiled. Thanks dad just wanted to get one as good as you got. He fijian clothes for girls smiled at me.
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Well, you have to go a fijian clothes for girls long way for that. Jacob stood up for me. As retirement grew fijian clothes for girls closer, he was growing more and more emotional. Once at the house I got her settled in Melissa/Sheila s fijian clothes for girls old room, and Jacob helped carry in the bags. For Jake, it was coming home so he needed no tending.
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Still, I wanted to steal a moment with him, but knew it wasn t the fijian clothes for girls time or circumstance. If he wanted me he knew he could have me. I would have to wait and see. Dinner was fijian clothes for girls nice. We took the boys to the park, them running ahead, Jake fijian clothes for girls and Kara in front of us, both fijian clothes for girls couples walking arm in arm. It was a nice moment. I saw a glimpse of the future pretending for a moment that the boys were fijian clothes for girls Kara and Jake s. I would be a grandmother someday and it was exciting and frightening at the same time.

We took up the bench in front of the play area as the boys climbed the monkey bars, and slid down the slide, or swung in the swings. Jake was busy explaining fijian clothes for girls his plan to his fijian clothes for girls father and I could see he had fijian clothes for girls Jacob s approval. Kara fijian clothes for girls was talking to fijian clothes for girls me about her plans for Greece and the dig. She was a charming, beautiful girl. I would be lying if I didn t say I imagined her naked. Now, if Jake and I had never gotten together I would have been quite content to live my life out in an ordinary fashion. Jacob was fijian clothes for girls always a good lover, and his eye didn t drift, at least never in my presence. He was attentive. Sometimes I curse that nude beach. But for the most part I am glad fijian clothes for girls for its part in my life and the way it had opened my life up with Jake.

We were good lovers together. If we had never gotten together and crossed that taboo I would not have allowed Sharon to seduce me, and I would never have fijian clothes for girls seduced Shelia. But all that did happen, and I did open myself up sexually and I have enjoyed it all so much. The thoughts danced around my head as I breathed the sweet air of Missouri and felt the warmth of the late spring day on my face. Kara was holding my arm softly as women do when talking to each other. The boys were laughing fijian clothes for girls and playing. Jake and his father were deep in conversation and paid no attention to us. Mrs. Bodiford, I really like it here. It s so nice.
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Kara was winding down. Yes, but I think I am looking forward to Jacob s retirement and getting back to North Carolina. I miss home. My father passed away three years ago, and my mother is getting to the point that I think she needs me. I am an only child, so I think I need to be there. I said. I met you fijian clothes for girls mother. She is so nice.
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You look like a younger version of her. fijian clothes for girls Kara said. (Didn t I tell you that southerner s teach such good manners? fijian clothes for girls ) You re sweet to fijian clothes for girls add the younger honey. I patted her arm to let her know I was teasing. We laughed.

The boys wanted to know what was funny. We told them to mind their own business. I could sense then that Kara was the one for Jake. It turns out I was right, but that fijian clothes for girls is in the later fijian clothes for girls stories. Jacob s career was winding down. He had put fijian clothes for girls in his retirement papers and this summer would be it for us. He would retire in three months, July 10, 1989. After 28 years in the military he was tired of roaming, and he knew he was up for another overseas tour if he stayed the last two years. It was his decision and I played no part in it. That night, Jacob dropped the bomb on the fijian clothes for girls kids.

He had waited till Jake was home to tell anyone but me what he was planning. He wanted to go home. It s time. fijian clothes for girls He said to Jake. Kara for her fijian clothes for girls part was interested in Jacob s career. She asked all kinds of questions and listened to the answers he gave. As was his habit at 9 pm sharp he excused himself and went to bed. We had put the boys down at 7 30 and they were fast asleep, though they had fought it fijian clothes for girls valiantly to peek around the corner to see Jake, and the pretty girl he was with. Kara was tired from her fijian clothes for girls flight, and so I took her back to Sheila s room and got her settled in.

When I came back into the living room Jake was out on the patio drinking a beer and smoking fijian clothes for girls a cigar. I hadn t known he started smoking. We never had. It made him look older somehow. I opened the French doors and poked my head out. Hey, feel like a walk? I asked. I was exited to have him home too. Sure.
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Let me finish this beer and we can go. He sat down in the deck chair. I joined him. She is very beautiful, honey. Have you asked her fijian clothes for girls yet?

I broached the subject. Asked her what, Ali? When he called me that I would get so wet. It was foolish. But it was us, and I liked it. Don t be coy with me. I am the other woman you know, not just mom, I can read the signs.
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I hoped I didn t sound too jealous. No, fijian clothes for girls I haven t fijian clothes for girls asked her yet. He said simply. We knew this was coming. His twenty-first birthday would be soon and I knew he wanted to ask her. Well, I really like her Jake. I can tell your father loves her already. I was making idle chatter. He puffed away silently as we sat there. We were two lover s making fijian clothes for girls a leap to another place and I had to let him go to keep him.

I fijian clothes for girls guess I would be just mom now. fijian clothes for girls Ali, I have to ask fijian clothes for girls you something. He said so seriously. What fijian clothes for girls is it Jake? I was fijian clothes for girls a little afraid. Would you think less fijian clothes for girls of me if I didn t give you up? He looked sideways to gauge my reaction.
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I shifted in my fijian clothes for girls seat to face him. I took his hand in mine and looked in his eyes. I m here however you want me fijian clothes for girls Jake. If that means just mom, okay. But if you want me, you can have me.
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I only have one rule. fijian clothes for girls It can t break up either marriage. Ever. Do you understand? I feel the same way. It s just that our relationship is so deep. It gives me a dimension that I can t explain. But to give you up would be like losing a part of me. A part I can t and don t fijian clothes for girls want to live without. How that boy could talk!
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I must have let a tear drop. He reached over and wiped it away. Speaking so softly I fijian clothes for girls could almost not hear fijian clothes for girls he said, I love you so much Ali. I really don t know what I would do without you in my fijian clothes for girls life as my lover. He was quiet after that.
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We held hands like two lovers as he finished his beer and his cigar. Overhead the stars were bright. The moon was in quarter fijian clothes for girls phase, and the air was warm and clear. In the distance an owl hooted. At night when the planes aren t flying there is nowhere more peaceful and quiet than an Air Force Base. He took his last sip and put the bottle down. He killed the stub of his cigar fijia
fijian clothes for girls>high heel brunettesn clothes for girls and dropped it into the bottle. Ready? He asked. I shook my fijian clothes for girls head. Somehow talking seemed intrusive on the moment. He took my hand and led be around the side of the house out onto the sidewalk. We walked toward the park hand in hand neither of us speaking. When we got to the park it was empty. At ten o fijian clothes for girls clock the base is in bed, and no one is stirring except the AP s.

(Air Police) We went to the bench by the oak behind fijian clothes for girls the bushes and took a seat. He held me close and kissed me. I kissed him back. He fondled my breast as we made out like two teenagers fijian clothes for girls in the park. It was one of fijian clothes for girls those perfect moments between people that love each other.

I guess the thing about loving your son and your husband is that neither relationship gets stale. In a way you are stealing moments from one to be with the other. It is fijian clothes for girls like having a lover, only they are both your fijian clothes for girls lover. I can t explain it better than that. His hand moved under my blouse to my stomach. He drew little circles on it as he kissed me with fijian clothes for girls his mouth fijian clothes for girls open, our tongues fijian clothes for girls dancing. fijian clothes for girls Slowly he moved to my fijian clothes for girls breast. He cupped me over my bra. I moved my hand to his cheek and let it glide down lazily to his chest.
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fijian clothes for girls I circled his nipple with my finger. He loved to have his nipples played with. I lifted his shirt to touch him. He unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra freeing my breast for him to gaze at in the moonlight and to fondle. I moaned into his mouth.
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We broke our kiss. He looked me in the eye and I nodded. He undid his jeans. I slipped my panties off from under my skirt. His pants came fijian clothes for girls down and there was that beautiful cock of his just an inch from my mouth. I opened my mouth and he put himself in. Slowly I moved up and down his shaft, cradling his testicles.

He ran his fingers through my hair and down my neck to by breasts. He held both of them fijian clothes for girls in each hand and moaned. I knew he would cum in my mouth. fijian clothes for girls I was getting wet with the breast play and the fijian clothes for girls feel fijian clothes for girls of him moving in my mouth. I felt his ball sack tighten. I knew he fijian clothes for girls was fijian clothes for girls about to cum. I pulled back to just the cockhead in my mouth and was rewarded with the spurt of his fijian clothes for girls sweet cum. I gulped rope after rope of cum fijian clothes for girls as he held rigid with the orgasm. Sadly he finished.

I could drink his cum just to live off of. I really could. I wiped my lips with my fingers, fijian clothes for girls looking up I said, My turn. He grinned at me. Kneeling in fijian clothes for girls the dirt he sat me back against the bench and scooted my little ass up to the edge to give him access to my girl. She was giddy with anticipation. I could feel her wet and spasming, longing for the touch of his tongue. He kissed the inside of my thighs fijian clothes for girls teasing fijian clothes for girls her, teasing me. He blew his hot breath on me, and I almost came then.

His tongue tentatively licked my labia fijian clothes for girls and opened her to my vulva. He licked the slick cum f orming there. Up and down he moved, stimulating my blood flow until I could almost scream. Then he found fijian clothes for girls my clit and fijian clothes for girls began to suck it in earnest. His fingers violated my vaginal canal, fijian clothes for girls and I was so close.

He sucked and licked and made out with my fijian clothes for girls sex. Then it came. My muscles spasmed, my clit fully gorged let loose the juice he alone seem to bring from me. I squirted into his waiting mouth and he drank from me like a thirsty man. Soon I became so sensitive I could stand the ministrations no more fijian clothes for girls and I gently pushed his head away. God, I have missed you this year. I told him. Me too. He answered.
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Standing he brushed his knees clean of the dirt. He fijian clothes for girls was a fijian clothes for girls comical sight there with his pants down around his ankles, his cock standing at its full nine inches. I giggled. He knew at once why and laughed too. He sat down on the bench and pulled me onto his lap. I lifted myself up and lowered onto that cock.
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I could feel him as he penetrated my, the lips of my girl moving aside, stretching to accommodate him. I was facing away from him, sitting on his lap, and he was fully in me. I sat still holding onto the moment. But I couldn t stand it anymore than he could, and started to ri mouthl of cumse and fall on him. I felt him as I moved up sliding against my vaginal wall, the head of him hitting my G-spot. Then I would feel him sliding back in me as I lowered fijian clothes for girls myself onto him again. Slowly I moved, up and down.
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I fijian clothes for girls was not in a rush to have it end. We were making love under the oak tree, hidden from the prying eyes of the world and exposed at the same time. A car drove by, I could hear a baby cry in one of the houses close to the park. A dog barked. The Acadia s made their hum, and the air fijian clothes for girls moved slightly across my exposed sex. The feeling was incredible. I was joined to my son as a lover and I was fijian clothes for girls part of the Earth and the tree and the people around me. It was a strange and sensual moment. I had never experienced it before or since.

fijian clothes for girls But the effect was electric. fijian clothes for girls I was overcome with fijian clothes for girls the fijian clothes for girls need to finish him so I could have him again. I became faster in my motions. Then it swept over me, and him at the same time. I was cumming, squirting onto the ground and him. He was cumming inside me, I could feel it. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. It seems to last forever too. When I finished moving I was winded. I breathed deep gulps of air.
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His fijian clothes for girls hands on my breast accentuated the motion. It connected us on a very fijian clothes for girls deep and primal level. His head was pressed against my fijian clothes for girls back and I could hear, no feel him fijian clothes for girls whispering my name. Ali, Ali, Ali he was saying. I lifted off of him with a plop from the quick exit of him from me.

I turned and sat fijian clothes for girls back down on him. He entered me again without either of us guiding him. I kissed him deeply and wetly. His whisper of my name was like a druid chant. I was lost in it and fijian clothes for girls transported with the kiss to a place where only he and I existed. We were two people and fijian clothes for girls we were one. More deeply than I had ever felt it before I experienced our love for one another. He sensed it too. Neither of us spoke for fear of ending all too soon this moment between us.
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fijian clothes for girls He was hard in me, his mouth danced across my nipples and I buried my nose in his hair. (He needed a haircut. Okay, so some of the mom was there, fijian clothes for girls what can I say? ) I took in his scent. He was my young, my lover, fijian clothes for girls my deepest love.

Breathing in his scent seemed to be the air I needed fijian clothes for girls to live just fijian clothes for girls at that second. Again he moved inside of me. We were rocking now, back and forth, his shaft moving ever so slightly against my clitoris, and G-spot. fijian clothes for girls I put my mouth over his and breathed the same air as he, both of us breathing through our fijian clothes for girls nose and each other. I lifted up and sat back down, and did it again and again as he moved back and forth in me. I could sense more than feel the impending explosion between us.

Jake. I whispered my druid chant. He answered fijian clothes for girls with a suck on my breast. I was fijian clothes for girls so close now. My inch long nipples were rock hard. I could feel the tingle of excitement in my fijian clothes for girls stomach as it begin to build. His breath came in shallow gasps fijian clothes for girls as he approached his orgasm. I was breathing deep and holding it and then breathing and then holding it. His cock was stretching me, moving at new angles inside of me.

I could feel him fijian clothes for girls in me as never before. We moved, we fijian clothes for girls breathed, we fucked, we made love, and then we came together again. Two magical moments so rare in lovers and we got them tonight in less than an hour. Wow. I squirted again and again, my fijian clothes for girls contractions so wonderful they were painful. fijian clothes for girls I stifled a scream by pressing my mouth on his. He moaned into fijian clothes for girls mine. I could feel the juices of our lovemaking run down my thighs and dropping onto the bench.

So joined at that moment were we that we puffed our breaths fijian clothes for girls into each other s mouth. Neither of us wanted to break the kiss. His hands were gently massaging my breasts. I was sat still, his cock in me, though it was softening. I held him so tightly I thought I might break myself against him. fijian clothes for girls I don t know how long we sat there like that. Another car passed. The baby had gone to sleep. The air had grown still and the night quiet. There fijian clothes for girls was only us.

He was inside me. I was on his lap. My breasts were in his mouth when it wasn t on mine. At last both of us were breathing normal again. Usually Jake and I are very vocal in bed.
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But tonight we passed a threshold of our love. We were talking without saying anything. fijian clothes for girls Tonight I was making love to a man, not a boy. As I have said before, I hate it when he pulls out of me. I feel so empty after our lovemaking. You really have no idea, none at all unless you are a fijian clothes for girls woman lucky enough to fuck someone so well endowed. But it was time. So I pulled up and let fijian clothes for girls him fall out of me.

I kissed him one more time before getting my wits and moving behind the tree to let myself drain as much as I might. When I came back around he was fully dressed again. He helped me with my bra, and I buttoned my blouse. Recovering my panties I put fijian clothes for girls them. We took each other s hands, and we walked home in bliss, never saying a word. I love that boy, that man. I fijian clothes for girls really do.
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Thank you for family guy the rose video your continued support with this series and now enjoy the next installment. Part 11 Emma s family guy the rose video New Awakening. The following morning at Cpt. Tom Wilkinson s office at the Pentagon Promptly at 06 30 Emma Watson arrived at the office of Captain Tom Wilkinson.

She knocked on the outer office door but no response came and knowing how important it was to family guy the rose video be on time she decided to just go in anyway. When she opened the door and slipped inside Captain Wilkinson s aide was not at his desk then she noticed the Captains office door closed as well. Emma thought she would take a family guy the rose video chance to see if he was in or not. She took a deep breath with her eyes closed and collected herself then she looked over her appearance and when she was satisfied she knocked lightly on the family guy the rose video door then she heard, Come . Cruz you better have my coffee this time? Emma smiled as she opened the door trying to make a good impression as she stepped into Captain Tom Wilkinson s office. Tom had not noticed her as he was intent on what he was reading so Emma quickly closed the door behind her then as she spun around she came to attention. With a sharp clear voice she barked out, Emma Watson .
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reporting for duty sir .. and no I don t have your coffee sir. Tom s head was down buried in a folder as thick as his arm. Then when he heard Emma s sweet sounding voice he stood to greet Emma and saluted her. Looking her up and down Tom was pleased family guy the rose video with her appearance she was everything he remembered from the day before and with a shit-eating-grin said, Well, if you re Cruz then the surgeon did a great job! They both began to laugh family guy the rose video together then Tom pointed to the seat in front of his desk, Take a seat Emma. I am very pleased that you are on time. That s a very good start for our working relationship. Tom quickly family guy the rose video put the large file family guy the rose video away and then took a file that seemed like it was just born compared to the other and he looked up at Emma again and said, So, let s see here I have some good news for you, I ve cleared family guy the rose video all of your upcoming classes for you.
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Tom was scanning through several pages then looked up at his young attractive and soon to be apprentice, You will only have to take your final exams and Emma I expect that you will graduate family guy the rose video with honors. Emma smiled and was clapping her hands rocking back and forth on her seat as her feet left family guy the rose video the floor, Wow, thank you sir, I promise you that family guy the rose video you have not made a mistake by picking me. I will ace my exams and graduate with family guy the rose video honors. Tom said, Well let s not jump ahead of ourselves here Emma. Like I ve told you before in about ten days family guy the rose video you will be starting your SEAL training as well.

So let s get you started here first, okay. Tom stood and led Emma out of his office and he said, Let me give you the ten cent tour. Oh, you can leave your coat and purse here in family guy the rose video my office they are safer here than at Fort Knox. Emma stood and asked, Sir, what exactly will my duties here consist of? As Tom opened the door there were various people slowly filtering into their desks some were bringing coffee and other were just arriving.
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Tom turned to Emma and said, This is known as family guy the rose video the bullpen. Out here is where the real work takes place. These ladies and gentlemen that family guy the rose video work family guy the rose video here family guy the rose video in the bullpen are the best when it comes to Navy-intel. They are a well oiled machine that I hand- picked myself. If I hadn t family guy the rose video picked you to be my assistant I would have probably offered you a position here in family guy the rose video the bullpen about a year after you graduated. Okay now follow family guy the rose video me.
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Emma and Tom went back towards his office and she noticed the outer desk, So, I guess I family guy the rose video will be sitting here then huh so, you said Cruz earlier is he you re current assistant? Tom said, Yes. He s just been promoted to Lieutenant and I got him his new Commission on a California Class Submarine under their current Ex-O. He just happens to be an Ex-aide of mine as well from several years ago. Well, there family guy the rose video will be certain times that you will be sitting family guy the rose video here but this will be your secondary desk.
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Emma s was trying to be the sponge that the family guy the rose video Captain told her to be the day before at the Academy. He s replacing his family guy the rose video personal assistant because he was just promoted. Then her curiosity got the better of her, Secondary desk? I don t understand sir? Tom said, family guy the rose video Well, this is where you begin to learn certain secrets. Here will be the first secret that you may never reveal to anyone. Not anyone, not even the people that are family guy the rose video right outside this door in that bullpen.
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Tom was pointing out of the office as he spoke then he walked over and shut the outer office door and locked it. Then he walked over to the desk and pushed a button under the desk top. Once he pushed the button there family guy the rose video was a click in the windows and they went from being clear so you could see everything to where they were grey like frosting in which you could not see anything at all. Emma looked at her family guy the rose video new superior officer and said, Impressive! Then Tom moved his hand then pulled Emma into his office then shut his office family guy the rose video door and locked it behind her. When the outer family guy the rose video office door is locked and the windows are frosted everyone in that bullpen knows that I am not to be disturbed under any circumstance.

So, even if the President were to call the bullpen which would be odd, because when family guy the rose video these windows are frosted I am either speaking with the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chief of the Navy or even the Vice-President or the President family guy the rose video his self. Emma asked, So, what about Cruz? You ve locked him out sir. Tom giggled, Don t worry about him he knows the drill when the windows are frosted. Then he walked behind his desk where there family guy the rose video was the picture of the President. Tom moved it to the left then the left wall moved backwards revealing a secret hallway.

Emma stepped backwards family guy the rose video a few times, Whoa . Now I family guy the rose video thought the windows were impressive but this . This is something else sir. Tom walked directly in front of her and with a stern look he said, Once you go thru that door there family guy the rose video Ensign Emma Watson there is no coming back but if you walk out of my office door back out to the bullpen there will be no reprisals from me or any other officers that may want you to work for them. I will actually stick my neck out for you if you want to go in a different direction with your career. Emma stood there as her heart was slowly rising up her throat and she thought Ensign I m not even out of the Academy yet and I am a commissioned officer already This was much more intense then she was actually ready for but being a daughter of a family guy the rose video high ranking officer the one thing that family guy the rose video she learned was to push through your fear and find your answer on the other side. She turned to Tom and said, Well, sir, your life comes down to very few cross roads and today I stand at family guy the rose video a cross road. Do I follow you down that hallway family guy the rose video where you can help me mold and shape my career or do I go back out that family guy the rose video door there and family guy the rose video mold and shape my career on my own?

She stood there thinking for a minute then family guy the rose video she looked at family guy the rose video Tom and didn t say a word then squared her shoulders and thru her head back and strutted thru the hidden door in the office. As she was about to disappear she said, Aren t you coming Tom? You have me all of me now! Tom smiled and grabbed his cup of coffee and with a Getty-up in his step he was thru the door he hit a button on the other side. His office shifted back to the way it family guy the rose video originally looked. At the end of the hallway Emma stood waiting for Tom, Well, I hope that you can make up your mind faster than that when we are in the shit, Ensign.
family guy the rose video

Emma smiled and her body tingled just a little as she just realized that the Captain just called her Ensign yet again and is now a real commissioned family guy the rose video officer, No, problem Sir I will be better in the future Sir. Tom smirked, Okay, Emma, follow me okay? Tom turned and led her down another hallway to an family guy the rose video elevator. There family guy the rose video were three other separate hallways that all family guy the rose video led to the same elevator and Tom looked at Emma, Okay, we just came down the Naval hallway, to the right is the Marine hallway to the left is the Air Force hallway and that one is the Army hallway. Go ahead push the button. Emma was so nervous and her hand was shaking as family guy the rose video she pushed the elevator button, So why so family guy the rose video many hallways that funnel to the middle here? Tom looked at her, Well, these hallways are for my counter-parts. Each branch has a representative just like the Joint Chiefs.

Emma, if you haven t put two and two together and figured it out yet. I report to Joint Chief of family guy the rose video the Navy directly who only reports to the President of the United States. In other words, family guy the rose video when there is a problem and the President need s ideas to solve whatever problem is in front of him he looks to me and my counterparts to come up with cogent answers. The elevator door opened and they both walked in and there were four buttons and Emma held out her finger not knowing which one to push, Which one sir? Tom said, The bottom one. Emma pushed the bottom button, So, I family guy the rose video guess it s down four floors huh?
family guy the rose video

Tom chuckled, Try over 40. Just like the book we are on the Journey to family guy the rose video the center of the family guy the rose video earth the only difference family guy the rose video is that we have family guy the rose video all the creature comforts of home down there. Emma stood in front of family guy the rose video Tom and the sheer excitement of entering family guy the rose video a top secret facility of family guy the rose video the military was actually turning her on as she could feel her body tingling all over and she felt her pussy family guy the rose video start to heat up and get nice and wet. She rubbed her inner thighs together to scratch that special itch between her legs. family guy the rose video For Tom standing behind Emma he was admiring probably one of the few women that actually make s a military uniform actually look good. family guy the rose video Her young curves started to make family guy the rose video Tom s mouth water and he thought to himself, I ve never had a female family guy the rose video assistant and this is why! I just want to push her on her damn knees and have her just suck me off. Come on Tom just be professional would you. It s her first fucking day!
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family guy the rose video Tom continued family guy the rose video to check out the curve of her calves at the bottom of her skirt and there was her ass that popped out just right no too small and not too big butt just right. Her hair was done in a bun to fit under her cover but you could see by the size that family guy the rose video it would drape down to the top of the bump of her ass. As the elevator came to the bottom there was a family guy the rose video little jolt and family guy the rose video thru Emma off balance and she over exaggerated and fell backwards into Tom. Tom instinctively opened his arms and wrapped them around her to balance Emma. As Tom was helping to straighten up Emma s ass rubbed against Tom s crotch. To her surprise she felt Tom s semi hard penis and quickly assessed his size. She smirked to herself satisfied with the length and girth with family guy the rose video what she could feel. family guy the rose video As she was rising up back to her feet her family guy the rose video open palms continued to run up Tom s thighs yet again then right over his crotch with both hands.

Tom felt her gentle accidental touch with her ass and hands it made family guy the rose video him shiver from the top of his ass right up his back to his head. Tom returned the favor as his free hand brushed over her uniform from her torso where he caught her then traveled slowly up to her supple breasts. For Tom he family guy the rose video gave a gentle squeeze and came to the conclusion that he still didn t know if her breasts were real or fake. Emma s eyes rolled in the back of her head as she loved the quick squeeze her new family guy the rose video boss had given her even though it was completely inappropriate. Emma thought if this is what was going to happen every day with Tom family guy the rose video then she was all in. Then the elevator doors slid open they both released each other and walked down the hallway. At the end of the hallway they entered a circular shaped vestibule. There were couches, chairs and chaise loungers. There were several TV s hanging on the walls and Emma asked, So, what do we have here, Sir? Tom quickly corrected her, When we are alone just call me Tom, okay!

This is kinda like a living room to your house it just a place for us to relax. There was family guy the rose video a single door to the right and yet another hallway that wrapped around the vestibule that led to the four main offices. Tom family guy the rose video led Emma through the door and pointed to the left, Down this way is the offices for the Air family guy the rose video Force and Army down this way is the Navy and Marines. Emma s eyes were wide in awe she couldn t believe all this was forty floors below the Pentagon. She followed Tom to his office there was a special keypad and Tom punched in his code. They entered Tom turned and said, Okay, so this is our waiting area. They walked to another door inside the office through here is your office and now through here is my office.

Tom opened another door at the back of his family guy the rose video personal office and said, Follow me. As they left his office into yet another hallway they came to a conference room and he opened the door. As they entered the room the lights automatically came on and Tom said, Okay when there is a crisis me and my counterparts meet here to discuss options. Tom pushed a few buttons and several TV screens fell from the ceiling. As the screens came to life with images family guy the rose video he said, These give us satellite images from around the world. We can control over sixty different spy satellites from this very room. Then when we have made the necessary assessments and are ready to debrief family guy the rose video the Joint Chiefs, the Secretary of Defense or even the family guy the rose video President this screen here family guy the rose video pipes us directly into the White family guy the rose video House war room. Emma s vagina was on fire now as being around powerful men had always turned her on. When she made it to the bottom of the elevator family guy the rose video shaft she was slightly wet but as Tom was showing her the entire secret facility family guy the rose video and its capacity was making her even hotter for a man of power like Tom.

She continued squish family guy the rose video her thighs together family guy the rose video as she felt her thong was now drenched with her vaginal fluids. Emma wanted to push her superior officer down on the table in the conference room and take him right there but that would not be professional. Emma mustered herself together and cleared her throat, This is very impressive sir. Tom then shut everything down and they walked out of the room and Tom let Emma leave first as he wanted to catch as many free glances at her warm form as he could. family guy the rose video After he locked the door family guy the rose video he put his hand family guy the rose video on Emma s shoulder and pointed down the hallway and said, And we move on. family guy the rose video Walking down the hallway they came to a work out facility, So this is where you and I will keep in shape together.

They walked in and Tom started to show her all the machines and then at the back of the room was a single door with just a family guy the rose video male figure on it, Now I am sorry Emma but there are no lady facilities down here so you are going to have to, man up, as they family guy the rose video say and deal with it the best you can. Emma smiled as they entered into the bathroom area and noticed that there were private stalls, All good sir I am just glad that I wouldn t have family guy the rose video to drop trough in family guy the rose video one of the urinals. Then they began to laugh together as she pushed through the door she noticed the shower area and there were two men standing in towels one was shaving and the other was combing his hair and a young man off to the side completely naked with his seven inch Johnson family guy the rose video hanging off the front of him. The young man made no attempt to cover up as Emma strolled through the facility and noticed family guy the rose video that the shower stalls were individual and pointing family guy the rose video to the naked man said, I family guy the rose video won t have any problems as long as the guys don t mind. Tom began to chuckle family guy the rose video and he turned to the young man who was naked and said, family guy the rose video Hey Brad do you mind putting that thing away. Staff Sergeant Brad Webb said, Sorry sir the ole lady hasn t been payin that much attention to ole willy here and the poor fella needs a chance to get some fresh air sometimes is all. Everyone in the shower area began to laugh and then the two left and family guy the rose video continued their tour, Alright over here is our kitchen family guy the rose video completely stocked at all times because you never know when the crap is going to hit the fan. After they left the kitchen area they moved towards the end of the hallway and finally to bedrooms Emma said, You weren t kidding you guys have everything you need. Emma opened several doors where there were various bunk beds family guy the rose video then she came to the very end with four more doors and asked, So whose are these?
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Tom chimed in, family guy the rose video Each of those doors are for me and my counterparts. Emma looked Tom directly in the eye and sauntered in her sexiest walk and put family guy the rose video her palms ever so gently on Tom s broad shoulders and gave him family guy the rose video this come hither smile leaned into his ear and family guy the rose video in a very sultry voice whispered, So, Tommy which family guy the rose video one is yours? Emma took the family guy the rose video chance and moved her hand to her superior officers crotch area and found the geographical location of his hot missile and began to rub the length of the shaft. Encouraged by Emma s sultry look and soft touches Tom pushed her forward against the door. He pinned her and pushed his thin lips family guy the rose video to hers family guy the rose video and kissed the young newly decorated Ensign. Emma reciprocated family guy the rose video and then stabbed at his lips for them to open to gain access to his mouth. Tom family guy the rose video s hand fumbled to find the doorknob and when he found it he twisted it and the door flung open causing them both to crash into the bedroom. The lights were off and family guy the rose video as Tom lie on top of Emma they both giggled and with Emma s free foot she shut the door behind them creating utter blackness in the room. Their combined passion finally erupted between the two of them as their hands were searching and groping various body parts trying to find buttons, zippers and clasps to family guy the rose video free their outer shell of clothing. Tom was having the worst of family guy the rose video it family guy the rose video as he couldn t really find any real place to start as Emma had his shirt off already and her hands were caressing his hairy muscular chest, Here let me help you sir.

Emma pushed herself off of her superior officer and proceeded to undress as quickly as she could, Emma what are you doing? Emma s heart rose from her stomach into her throat thinking family guy the rose video that she might be going a little too fast and that Tom may not be ready to go as fast as she was, What do you family guy the rose video mean, Sir? Tom giggled and said, Stop calling me family guy the rose video sir, will you? I mean do you want to stop because I surely don t. Emma was filled with relief, Tom I family guy the rose video am so hot for you now and I just want to feel you inside of me. Emma continued to disrobe in the vast blackness of the room and when she finally removed her soaked thong she said, There I am ready! Meet me on the bed Tom. Tom quickly family guy the rose video stood and like Houdini his clothes were off in seconds, Where are you Emma?

Emma laughed silently to herself and thought, You re supposed to be the world class spy here I think if you want to find what family guy the rose video you are looking for you are going to have to find it on your own. Tom moved slowly around the room and felt Emma s uniform on the floor. He knelt to the family guy the rose video floor and made out her blouse, family guy the rose video skirt, bra and then her very wet and spunky fragrant family guy the rose video thong. Tom picked it up and put to his nose and family guy the rose video breathed her essence family guy the rose video in through is nostrils and down his lungs then to his bloodstream. Her very soul was now intertwined with his. Tom s man family guy the rose video meat went from being semi-rigid to completely rigid resting family guy the rose video upright on his stomach.
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Tom wanted family guy the rose video Emma worse than any other woman that he had in family guy the rose video his life and thought for a moment and said, Marco? Emma realized how cute family guy the rose video her family guy the rose video new boss was being and the way she imagined him over the last several days taking her sexually as she masturbated family guy the rose video in her bed was ready to family guy the rose video make her fantasy come true. Emma fell silently off the other side of the bed and whispered, Polo. Tom figured to his self that Emma was an amateur giving her location away so easily. family guy the rose vid big boobs licking blonde fuckeo Then he dove through the air spread eagle onto the bed and hit nothing but mattress. Tom snapped his fingers and family guy the rose video said, You sly family guy the rose video minx!
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Where did you get too? Marco? Emma liked this game she used to play it family guy the rose video with her father when he would come home from some strange mission when she was a child. She then slid silently under the bed and said, Polo. Tom realized family guy the rose video that she was on the floor but where? He just jumped from the one side of the bed so she must be on the floor on the other side. Just a Tom was ready to fall to the floor Emma escaped under the bed to the other side and crawled out from under the bed and found a soft chair in the corner of the room. Tom then plopped to the floor and began to flail around trying to gain any kind of foot hold but nothing came. Tom was pissed at his self for not finding her on the second try and gave up and said, Marco?

From the other side of the room sitting on the chair with her legs in front of her chest rocking back and forth giggling family guy the rose video to herself she whispered yet again, Polo. If you don t find me this time Tom then that is strike three and you re out. Tom straightened his shoulder and thanked god that the room family guy the rose video was pitch black as to hide his embarrassment. He rolled over the bed and came to rest on the floor and then guessed she might family guy the rose video be on the chair and lunged forward with his hands and finally found her soft smooth flesh, Gotcha. family guy the rose video Tom then surveyed her body and picked her up as Emma helped him by putting her arms around his strong shoulders as he carried her over to the bed. Tom s penis was stabbing her family guy the rose video in the back as Tom whispered as he carried her over to the bed and he said, I have to confess that I ve wanted to do this family guy the rose video with you ever since I saw you the first time back on Campus. Emma raised her head and kissed him on the lips, I have to confess that when I first saw you I couldn t take my eyes off of you either. The last couple family guy the rose video of nights I couldn t resist myself from thinking about this very thing family guy the rose video we are about to do.
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Tom gently lay her on family guy the rose video the bed as Emma reached out and found his manhood and gently stroked it her mouth began to water as she wanted to please him, Tom can I please suck you? I want to feel you in my mouth. Tom s enthusiasm overwhelmed him as he began to poke forward looking for her mouth and hit everything but the right spot and Emma was giggling at all of his misfires and said, I hope that family guy the rose video you family guy the rose video are better with your pistol Tom. Grasping his swollen warm family guy the rose video shaft gently she ended his embarrassment and allowed his mushroom head inside of her body for the first family guy the rose video time. Emma s soft hands grabbed it and began stroking it.
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Tom thru his head back as Emma took the head into my mouth, sucking it and swirling her tongue around it like a lollipop. Emma trailed her tongue family guy the rose video all around his head and up and down his shaft, coating it with her spit. Tom s groans were turning Emma on knowing the pleasure she was providing her new boss and it was making her even hotter for his cock, especially when he moaned family guy the rose video her name. Then family guy the rose video Emma did family guy the rose video something Tom wasn t expecting but he family guy the rose video loved all the same Emma pressed on the tip of his head with her thumb as she started licking and sucking on his balls. Tom s head was shaking on the pillow back and forth and screamed family guy the rose video "Ahhh shit! " Emma heard him clear as a bell and continued sucking and kissing his balls for another five minutes until she took his dick back into her mouth. Emma was committed now she was bobbing her head up and down. Tom was cursing calling out Emma s name as if family guy the rose video she was a fellatio god, and had a good grip on her hair pulling it keeping his cock buried down her throat. Emma loved it being manhandled especially family guy the rose video being told what family guy the rose video to do. When Emma took his dick deep so that it hit the back of her throat it drove Tom absolutely crazy.

"Damn Emma you re going make me finish, don t stop! " family guy the rose video Emma pulled up off of his cock and a long string of saliva connected from her bottom lip to the tip of his penis. Emma wiped her mouth clean leaned family guy the rose video forward allowing her body to lie on top of Tom s and she whispered, We can t have you cumming so quickly now can we? Emma continued to move up his body and came to straddle Tom s shoulders and her soaked pussy came to rest on Tom s chin and Emma said, Now it s your turn Tommy! Let s see if you know how to please a hot vibrant family guy the rose video cunt like mine! Tom s sense of smell took over family guy the rose video as her pussy aroma was even stronger than her thong that he held to his nose not more than ten minutes ago. Tom pushed his tongue forward and the slightly salty taste came to rest on the tip of his tongue. Tom took a deep breath in family guy the rose video and very gently exhaled his warm breath as close as he could towards her clitoris and he said, Your pussy tastes wonderful.
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Come move your pussy over my mouth. Straddle me family guy the rose video I want you to grind your pussy over my mouth I want you to cum on my face. Straddling Tom family guy the rose video s face Emma family guy the rose video s upper body was flat against wall as her hips were family guy the rose video doing a private hula dance over Tom s eager licking tongue. Emma s hips family guy the rose video were family guy the rose video sloshing from side family guy the rose video to sided then forwards to backwards as her complete undercarriage was being drenched by Tom s tongue. Emma s moans became ever increasingly louder and her thrusts downwards were exponentially getting heavier, Don t stop baby make me cum on your face Tommy. Then very forcibly and irrationally Tom moved his hands between her thighs and family guy the rose video like a bench press lifted her 100lb family guy the rose video frame off of his face and very cruelly said, Oh, no not yet sweet cheeks family guy the rose video if I m not allowed to cum then you are not allowed. We are going to cum together. Tom pulled Emma to his face and kissed her hard.
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While Tom s kisses where family guy the rose video sending tingling jolts from her mouth all the way down to her toes Tom slipped his hand down to Emma s dripping wet pussy and rubbed her clit. Emma had no choice but to moan in the kiss they were sharing, but that didn t stop Tom, he added a second finger in Emma s pussy a family guy the rose video few seconds later. Those fingers were sliding in and out so q black couple lickinguickly that Emma s moans of absolute pleasure broke their kiss.
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Emma started moving her hips against Tom s long probing fingers then she felt them family guy the rose video pressing on her G-spot. Tom family guy the rose video kept his fingers inside of Emma and he bent down and started teasing on her supple nipples. Tom painstakingly sucked family guy the rose video them and gentle nibbled on them until they were rock hard then Emma asked, "Why'd you stop? " When she felt Tom s fingers escape from Emma s tightened pussy. Tom gave a smirk and laid Emma back down on the bed. He spread Emma s legs as wide as he could to gain full access to Emma s soaked pussy. Tom slid down Emma s sweaty body and dropped his head back between her legs and dove right for Emma s clit and she couldn't take every ounce of pleasure that Tom was providing. Grabbing family guy the rose video the back of Tom family guy the rose video s crew cut hair she pulled him deep between her thighs and with a family guy the rose video new zest for life she screamed out, DAMN IT TOMMY! IF IT'S ONE THING I LOVE, IT'S A MAN WHO CAN EAT PUSSY. In the sheer darkness of the room Emma could feel his tongue flicking her clit, going in and out of her wanting opening and then Tom reinserted his fingers back inside of her and put family guy the rose video them to family guy the rose video work as well and again Emma screamed out with blessed heartfelt love for Tom s amazing tongue, "Fuck!
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I'm gonna cum! " As Emma voice rose to several new octaves family guy the rose video her legs started to shake Tom brought her to the point where once again she was so close but Tom inhumanly stopped and quickly sat up and yelled out Marco! Emma s body was flailing on the bed like a fish that was just pulled out of the water and was flopping all over the deck of the boat and she yelled out with complete anxiety Polo!!! Now, put that big POLO inside the MARCO now and make me family guy the rose video cum all over your cock Tommy!!! Tom was absolutely delighted at the sheer enjoyment of bringing her to the apex of climaxing family guy the rose video for the second time in less than a few minutes but he family guy the rose video became merciful when he inserted his dick inside of family guy the rose video her soppy wet cunt. You like the feel of a real man sweetie?

Emma became combative with her boss as she slapped both hands down hard on his ass cheeks pulling him inside of her hard and deep then put her tongue back in his mouth and said, Do you think that family guy the rose video you re man enough to get me off? Tom kissed her back and said, Just lie there and let me do my thing baby! Tom started with slow, deep strokes as he bit on Emma s neck. He family guy the rose video knew what he was doing. His plan was working perfectly. Emma s pussy family guy the rose video was wet and Emma was willing to allow Tom to do anything that he wanted to her just as long as Tom made her cum. Emma had a few tricks of her own as she clamped her pussy around the girth of Tom s cock which brought on a new atmosphere for Tom and said, "Damn you got a tight pussy. " Tom family guy the rose video leaned back and grabbed his young apprentice s legs and pulled her ankles over his shoulders and began to pound her tight young cunt faster.

Tom family guy the rose video started hitting her pelvic bone hard family guy the rose video demanding every inch family guy the rose video of her cunt and it was driving Emma absolutely crazy. It was like Tom knew Emma wanted it hard and rough. There was nothing but Emma s moans, groans and the sound family guy the rose video of their bodies slamming into each other as Emma was grinding her hips up to meet Tom s bone crushing and punishing family guy the rose video thrusts. Nothing else could be heard in the bedroom except their bodies slamming into each other. Tom pulled out of Emma and rolled Emma off of the bed. Emma got really excited by Tom s rough housing and said, You want fuck me on the god damn floor like a dirty tramp slut?
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Tom found her and pushed Emma down her face family guy the rose video back on the bed. He pulled her back by her ankles so that her ass was sticking up so that Emma was bent over the bedside and said, Whose pussy is this? Tom started beating her pussy with his cock yet again as he was slapping her young tight ass cheek from the back and the other was pulling Emma s long braided hair. Tom kept asking Emma, "Whose pussy is this? " Emma was being obedient and was screaming back at him, It s your pussy!! Come on just fuck me baby! Tom pulled her hair harder and smacked her ass with relentless fervor and then family guy the rose video he family guy the rose video would ask Emma, "What's my name?
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" Every time Emma said, Tom! Tom would hit her ass cheek harder and dig his cock deep inside of Emma making her scream like a zealot who wanted more. It wasn t until Emma said, Daddy! That s when Tom stopped slapping her ass like a drill Sergeant. Tom didn t realize that he loved it when his real daughter called out in the throes of passion calling him, daddy. Tom couldn t get off unless she screamed it out like he was fucking his own daughter.

Tom snapped out of his distraction and went back to work and said, "That's right and this is daddy's pussy. " Tom was in control until Emma fell forward and spun around grabbing at Tom s arms pulling him down onto the bed. Emma then climbed on top family guy the rose video of his hot iron rod. Emma began to grind on him slowly as Tom s cock was buried deep inside of her. Emma s hips were moving around in circular motions bringing his cum to the start line.

Tom said, Speed up honey I want to pop inside of you! Emma became just as sadistic as Tom and she smirked in the darkness and told him, No. Now what's my family guy the rose video name daddy? " Tom couldn't family guy the rose video say anything all he could do was moan and shook his head back and forth in gratification. So Emma grinded slower as she wanted him to last just a little bit longer.
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Then Emma asked him family guy the ros guy lets his girlfriend fuck a black guy and films ite video again, Now what s my name daddy or you re not going to get what you want. This time Tom grabbed her hips as he was thrusting upwards creating a sensual new rhythm and Tom said, Emma! Your name is Emma the most wonderful name that I have come family guy the rose video to learn. Emma you re the best lover that I ever had. Emma smirked knowing that she had matched her superior and she rewarded him. She started riding Tom bouncing her hips up and down driving him nuts. When Emma suddenly stopped moving that set family guy the rose video him family guy the rose video off.
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He sat up, held her arms behind her and began thrusting his hips up hard into her. Tom was devouring Emma s breast with his mouth as one hand held her arms and the other grabbing Emma s ass. Emma was about to lose it and cum and Tom knew it so he family guy the rose video started pumping faster inside of her. Emma came so hard it felt like waves just rushing all over her young tight viral body. Tom s zeal to get off overwhelmed him and with Emma s wet dripping family guy the rose video pussy wrapped around his shaft became too much then he finally came inside of her. He screamed, Damn I love your pussy Emma. Tom s ropes of freshly made cum rattled up the walls of her young wet, volcanic family guy the rose video pussy. Emma fell down on Tom and laid on him while they both tried to catch their breaths.
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Emma was not family guy the rose video able to move but she needed to wash up just like Tom. Finally when they both recovered Tom rolled Emma over and found the light switch and when the light split the darkness away Emma and Tom looked at their duplicitous nakedness and began to giggle like high school students. Tom held family guy the rose video out his hand and Emma took it with utter and complete trust and he said, Come on honey family guy the rose video let s take a shower together. family guy the rose video End of Part 11 Thank you all for being patient while I put this together. I family guy the rose video welcome all constructive comments. I hope that you are ready for the next chapter.
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Me(Daniel)- 17 years old. Taryn(the mom I was gonna fuck in my other story. )- 43 years old. Let me give you a little japan guide backround on Taryn.
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Taryn is a whore, not figuratively, but literally. All you have to do is give her some money and she'd do anything she wanted you to. So let me tell you that I have saved about 200 dollars. That should get her to let me do "anything" I want. So one day I decided to finally fuck this old bitch. I went over to her house, Bridget(my girlfriend) was upstairs sleeping and was going to stay that way, do to the massive fucking I gave her last night. Linda, Taryns other daughter, japan guide had let me in and said that Bridget was asleep, and that her japan guide mom was upstairs, and would be down in a few. I waited and waited for Taryn to japan guide come down stairs. After about 30 minutes. japan guide I got japan guide tired of waiting, and decided to go up.
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And ate her cunt out like there was no tomorrow. She tasted fucking great. And her cum was just flowing out of her. japan guide Then, out of nowhere, she started pissing on my mouth. Now me, I love the feeling of hot piss running down the back of my throat.
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I swallowed every last drop of her delicious piss. I then lifted her legs higher, and started eating out her ass. I shoved my tongue deep in her ass. Then I asked her japan guide to shit in my japan guide mouth. She pushed hard, and a giant fart come japan guide out japan guide right japan guide in my face. Is smelled really good. Soon after, I had 4 mouthfuls of delicious shit.
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I swallowed every once of her shit. Than she got under me, and begged me to piss and shit in her mouth. I did was was asked of me. I pissed in mouth for about two minutes, and I shit at leat 5 pounds of shit into her mouth. And she swallowed it all. Then I slammed her onto the japan guide b ed. Spread her legs and shoved my hard ass cock into her dirty old cunt. For such a loose whore, s>mature woman young boyhe gripped my dick pretty good. I slammed as hard as I could into the bitch. She screamed like a japan guide banshee. I was shocked that no one came into the room. Then she started squirting all over the place. Her cum just kept gushing out of her. I swear it must have been a gallon. My entire dick, my balls, my body, my face, and the entire bed were completely soaked.

Then I pulled out of her japan guide cunt, and shoved my dick into her ass. Her ass was pretty fucking tight. I rammed her ass for at least 20 minutes. She than said she had to piss. So I pulled my japan guide dick out of her ass and shoved my face into her twat. She started pissing in my japan guide mouth. I swallowed every last drop. I suck her cunt dry. Then I japan guide went back to ripping apart her ass hole. As I continued to pump my cock japan guide into japan guide her ass, I balled up my fiist and shoved it into japan guide her gaping pussy.

I japan guide fisted her so fucki sex girls the bitchng hard. She was now screaming in both pleasure and pain. I pull little boy sexed my dick out of her. Then shoved my other fist into her ass. She was crying now.

I then pulled my fist out of her ass, and shoved into her cunt with my other hand. With both my fists japan guide in the sluts pussy, I started to stretch it out. I stretched it more than I thought humanly possible. Her hole was gaped so much, I decided to try something, and it worked. I shoved my entire head into her pussy. I head fucked her and my face was covered with piss, cum, and blood.

I pulled my head out of her twat. I grapped her head, and shoved my cock down her throat. I throat fucked her for about another 5 minutes. Than I pulled it out of her mouth. I shoved japan guide it into her ass, and came so fucking hard.

At least 8 goods spurts. I pulled out and shoved my face onto her ass. I sucked all my cum out of her ass. I also sucked out a good sized piece of shit. She than pissed in my mouth one last time. Than than shit and pissed in her mouth again.

Niether of us swallowed any of it. We started making out. Mixing together my piss, my shit, my cum, her piss, her shit, and her blood. We stopped japan guide making out and each swallowed all that was in our mouths. We cleaned up, got dressed, went down stairs, and acted like it never happened. The End.

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